Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thomases and Woolerys Visit St. Louis, and Depauw and Carlisle, IN

By Rita and Eric Woolery

September 2010

We picked up Seventy George Thomas and his wife Jeanette at their home in Missouri for our trip to Indiana on a beautiful Fall day. The sky was very blue and the sun pleasantly warm. We stopped occasionally to stretch our legs, or buy gasoline or food. We rejoiced in God’s blessings that allowed us to complete other responsibilities in our places of work and in our homes in order to make this trip.

We shared testimonies of God’s goodness and made plans for bringing ministry before arriving in Carlisle, Indiana, where we stayed in the home of a young family of seven. We were joined by other members of the family who came to the house. Some of these family members had been baptized in the Mormon and Community of Christ churches. That evening we shared a gracious meal that had been prepared by our hosts and dinner was followed by a pleasant evening of discussion and fellowship.
Eric and George visited with the young men about how they became interested in the church and their desires for the church in their area. Jeanette taught the young women how to make applesauce while Rita taught the children songs.

We were invited to stay in their home and in the home of their parents, next door. and were blessed to share with the children during their pre-bedtime prayers.

We departed the next morning after breakfast, with a standing invitation for other saints to visit in their home and a request for study materials for their children.

We saw some great scenery, including beautiful forests and rock formations, before arriving at our next stop, the home of more wonderful saints, in Depauw, Indiana. In the home where we visited, the mother and 16 year old son are church members, while the father is not. Another family member living near by, also visited with us in their home. We were invited to have dinner and we were hosted for the night.

The next morning was Sunday and we held services in a nearby home. Rita and Jeanette played the piano prior to Sunday School. A DVD, “8 Pillars of Evidence of the Book of Mormon” served as our Sunday School study. A prelude to the morning worship service was provided by Rita playing the piano and singing two solos. Eric and George both preached and shared testimonies and Jeanette accompanied the congregational singing on the piano.

A delicious potluck dinner provided additional opportunity for fellowship and sharing of the gospel. We departed in the afternoon, with invitations to return whenever we could.

Our next stop was in St. Louis where we visited in the home of some saints and had the opprotunity to share testimonies of the gospel. The saints requested a copy of the 8 Pillars DVD for study and for witnessing.

We departed St. Louis that evening, and our drive back to Oak Grove and then on to Independence gave us a wonderful opportunity to share about our experiences on this visit with the saints in Carlisle, Depauw and St. Louis.

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