Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seventy George Mefferd and Elder Kent Pedersen go to Nauvoo

Seventy George Mefferd and Elder Kent Pedersen went to Nauvoo, Illinois, the weekend of July 12th through the 14th. Our purpose for witnessing of the Restoration there was to make known among the towns' people that the Restoration Cornerstone of Zion Branch is now meeting in the Nauvoo Visitor's Center and that the Restoration Story is presented on a regular basis. The Center was the point from which we passed out flyers to the people passing by. We gave tracts to those we met on the streets, and to the many we encountered in various stores, shops, and establishments as we moved about the town. Our visit in Nauvoo came during the time of the Mormon Pageant, which they hold every year.

During one of our walks around town, we met Steve, the proprietor of the Nauvoo Christian Visitor's Center. We had heard that he was the leader of an effort to draw away people from the Pageant and the LDS faith in Nauvoo. We purposely visited his store to share with him about the Bible he holds as truth, to discuss with him who we are, and to ask him to not categorize us with the LDS. He now knows whom we—the Restoration Branches—are and that we are not connected with the LDS. He was very pleasant to us, but was happy to see us leave.

George taught two classes on Saturday afternoon: The Apostasy and the Restoration, and The Book of Mormon Evidences. Not many came to the classes, but one LDS man, whom we had met at the Red Brick Store, stopped for the first class, and two LDS Elders came to the Evidences class. Kent preached on Sunday morning, sharing his testimony about who Jesus Christ is.

We feel that our weekend was a good beginning in an effort to make the Nauvoo Visitor's Center known, and to advertise its purpose and use. We made available in the Center, and gave out tracts on the Book of Mormon: Who Authored the Book of Mormon? Who was the Bearded White God who Appeared to the Ancient Indians? Language in the Book of Mormon, and Our Basic Restoration Beliefs.  We also handed out tri-folds on the Apostasy and the Restoration, The Three Kinds of Christian Churches, and Who Are Saints.

We feel our next effort in Nauvoo should be done soon. We need to get names and addresses of RLDS members who at one time attended the Branch there, and send in a group of those willing to go for witnessing to them. George has talked to Dave Drummond about doing that. We are impressed with the dedication and hard work of Sister Jammie Herring. She is the heart and soul of the Center for now.

God bless the efforts to witness Jesus Christ and the Great and Marvelous Work.

Seventy George Mefferd

Elder Kent Pedersen