Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seventy Minister to Former COC Group

On Sunday October 25th, Seventy Frank Frye and Seventy Patrick McKay preached and taught classes to a group numbering about 35 who have just recently separated from the Community of Christ. The overall theme was to share with them the three “R’s”; Return to the Roots of the Restoration. This ministry was well received with an invitation to return. They appeared very hungry for gospel preaching which has been lacking in their previous church home. There are about 15 young people in this group and they heard for the first time about the experience of J.J. Cornish and the Light at the River Thames. Their separation from the Community of Christ is due to the latest document advocating membership without baptism and recognition of the homosexual life style. They are now anxious to review other recent changes in the Community of Christ through an examination of church history and the scriptures. Seventy Ron Johnson has been invited to share with this group on a regular basis.

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