Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some Lost Sheep Reclaimed

Seventy Richard Kohn continues his personal call to find the Lost Sheep. In May 2013, John Edwards returned to the fold and was ordained to the office of Elder by Seventies Bob Elrod and Richard Kohn.  The Lord was clearly present, bearing witness of the call and His pleasure in John's, and his family's, response. Brother Kohn was especially directed in a portion of the charge given prior to the ordination, and those present testified of the Lord's presence when it was shared.  This portion reads as follows,

"Elders are spiritual ministers, the pastors, the chief shepherd in all the ordinances and functions of the church.  Versus the Seventies who are traveling missionaries under the direct supervision of the Quorum of Twelve.  We are, in fact Elders set aside for this specific function. John, you have accepted this call to the office of Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ, Restoration Branches.  The Lord recognizes that you have struggled over these past years.  Your return to His service pleases Him.  He knows that you are now ready to assume the mantle He has called you to serve him under.  Wear it with dignity.  Wear it in humility and serve Him with reverence.  Help Him build the Kingdom."

For more information about John, please read Seventy Richard Kohn's article printed in the April 2013 Beacon.  Following are some pictures taken at the ordination service, where 21 people were present.