Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bridge Building Continues with the Church of Jesus Christ - Bickertonites

For the many Saints that gathered during the September visit of our brethren of the Church of Jesus Christ, Bickertonites, there was joy in knowing that there are other branches of the restored gospel that hold fast to the Doctrine of Christ and the Book of Mormon.  Since that visit we were contacted and asked if we would like to be involved in some shared ministry with their mission in Omaha, Nebraska.


We traveled on Friday November 18 and were graciously invited to stay in the home of Seventy (Evangelist) Clifton Wells.  Brother and sister (Valarie Wells made us feel right at home.  Two of the brethren from Ohio, Seventy Jon Genaro and Elder Ron Giovannone, flew in late Friday evening to join us in the Wells' home.  Long before the official activities of the weekend would begin, we found ourselves in fellowship and discussion over the work of the kingdom.


Saturday morning began with a prayer and fasting service as we gathered with the Saints for united prayer.  After experiencing the spirit of singing that accompanies the Church of Jesus Christ, we knelt as a body and the brethren directing the service led out in prayer.  It was a joy to see the deep spirit of heart felt petitions to our Heavenly Father as nearly everyone present praised God and laid their concern at the throne of His mercy.  After a hearty lunch at the church, we returned to the Wells' home, finding ourselves engaged for several hours, sharing in a round table discussion.  A number of topics were reviewed, demonstrating both our common beliefs as well as areas where a different vantage point demonstrates gaps that we each look forward to one day finding resolved.


Saturday's evening activities began with a period of song followed by instruction by brother Patrick on the topic of salvation.  He carefully guided us on a journey through the New Testament demonstrating the multitude of witnesses that affirm the testimony that baptism is essential for salvation.


Brother Jim then followed with remarks on the surety of God's word; and clearly defining the difference between the power to forgive, and the power to remit, and its implication of a divinely called ministry.  Each session built upon the word of God, demonstrating the truths revealed in these last days.


Following these periods of instruction, we sat and witnessed the serving of the Lord's Supper.  Many aspects of this ordinance are different then we experience, yet we rejoiced to see a spirit of unity, broken heartedness and contrition of spirit, as they remembered the Lord's sacrifice and the covenant into which they each have entered.

Fellowship continued into the late hours of the evening, before retiring for needed rest in preparation for the Lord's Day.


We arrived at the church, now more than strangers.  We were greeted with warmth and affection.  God's love does not discriminate. 

In the Church of Jesus Christ, they usually have two of their ministers occupy.  This particular morning both of the local ministers, along with Brother Giovannone, shared the pulpit.  The primary message that Brother Ron (Giovannone) shared was centered on the 14th chapter of Matthew, verses 20-28.  We were challenged to step out in faith, as was Peter in his desire to come unto the Lord as he stood upon the sea.  Ron shared the personal testimony of his journey from his time as a young boy until his conversion and baptism in his mid twenties.  It was a spirit filled message of hope, and the faithfulness of our Lord as he beckons unto us.


Fellowship continued with another church wide meal, giving us time to mingle and share the story of the Reorganization.


Some may wonder just where such efforts are going, and that is a fair question.  We live in the days of fulfillment, days when we shall live to see our world change drastically.  It is our testimony that the Lord is opening up doors for healing, and restoration.  Days of preparation when He will mend the breaches that have separated true believers in the latter day evangel and the testimony of the Book of Mormon.  There is a great deal of work to be done, if we, as a people, will be equipped to assist in the actual building of the city of Zion.  There are bridges that need to be constructed in families, in branches, between branches and various organizations that the work may go forward in the power of the Lord.  It is our hope that each Saint will take every available opportunity to become a bridge builder, and not a wall builder. 

May the God of Heaven richly bless us as we go forth to labor.

Seventies Jim and Patrick McKay

Omaha Nebraska Nov. 18-20, 2011

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Message

Seventy Patrick McKay shares a message about the Puritans Thanksgiving and the work of the Lord in bringing them to America (Click Here for message).  Enjoy and give praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Very Interesting Update from Seventy Jim Noland

Seventy Ananda Rao took Ashley and I to several tribal villages and they are in what we would call in a jungle environment.

I will tell you a lot more later, but on Saturday and Sunday we went to a village by the name of Kudikima. There are about 70 members of the "Restored" Church and about 30 members of the CoC church. There is also a number of Catholics, Baptist, etc. There are about 150 people that live in this village.

The main three churches, Restored, CoC and Catholic have very, very loud speakers out in front of their churches and on top of the roof. This is a very small one road village, about, what we would call, 2 city blocks long. The three of them compete to play the loudest music. It becomes unbearable in the evenings and on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning the Restored church had 13 baptisms in a pond at the upper end of the village, then a confirmation service and then a communion service. I will tell you more about those services at another time.

During the communion service, the police came and notified us that the CoC had filed a complaint that there was a missionary from the US and because they, the CoC cannot get visas for missionaries to come to India that I must be here illegally. The police waited until after our service and then demanded that we follow them to the police station, about forty five minutes away.

We asked the Officer, Mr. Behera to ride in our car giving us a chance to have a very nice discussion with him. We arrived at the station and then things got serious as far as asking for my passport, where I was from, why I was here, etc. Serious but on a friendly level.

The officer then left the room and had a discussion with the local, Restoration pastor. We then were told we would have to wait unto the CoC official arrived. We waited for 2 hours without the CoC official arriving. In the mean time, we had a tour of the Police facilities, talked with the officer, found that he has a brother in South Dakota, etc.

He became more friendly and after awhile got a phone call from the CoC and they told him they were dropping the complaint and should let us go. After some more friendly chit chat, we left on very good terms with the officer, telling him that we would let him know any time we would be back in the area.

All of this caused a 3 hour delay for us getting back to Ananda's home and our driver to be delayed for his next appointment. We heard today that the pastors of several villages where we have church's both of the Restoration and CoC were very upset with these charges being brought against us and that they were going to give the CoC official a stern warning never to do this again.

All in all it was quite an experience and shows how evil the CoC has become in trying to stop us in preserving the church."


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update from Jim Noland in India

Everything is going very well. I am flying to Visakhapatnam at 3 in the morning, our time. I do not know when, where or how I will continue to email for the next few days. We are going into the interior, a jungle area with little or no electricity, etc.
We are supposed to visit 27 small groups of members in the villiges. Should be very interesting.

Prayers appreciated!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Update from Jim Noland in India

Things are going very well here. I have been visiting in the homes of both members and friends every evening. It has been a very busy schedule.

Brother Elder Ashley is married (Rita) and has two sons. One is 6 the other 18 months.

Ashley works in a metal shop that produces trophies and other prize gifts.

Ashley is also helping to support one of his brothers who has a wife and three children.

The brother David and wife Julie and children ages from 11 to 14 are all planning to be baptised next week. They have become very interested in the church and are learning very well. None of them have ever been under water and the baptism seem a little scary to them.

Brother Ashley and I went to the hospital Monday evening to administer to a Catholic friend of his and ended up also administering to a Muslim man and a young Hindu man. This was all done clearly in the name of Jesus Christ to the amazement to the many family members that were in the room. All received a great blessing and all have been released from the hospital.

The Hindu asked for a copy of the prayers that were said. We of course told him that we do not have written prayers and that we pray as led my the spirit of God. He wanted brother Ashley's phone number and said he would be in contact with him.

Brother Ashley lives in a one bedroom flat that is so small that I am staying in a nearby hotel. He used to be in an apartment that was large enough to have church services in but he had lost his job and they had to move into this small flat. He now has a good job and needs to find a large place to rent.

We found him a place, but the problem is that he cannot raise enough funds to pay the first and last months rent and the security deposit. He was going to need about $6000 us dollars, however we found a place this morning that is a beautiful place, two bedroom, full kitchen, bath and plenty of room to hold church and only needs $2000 to move in. We also had to find a place where the landlord would allow church services. Where he is staying now the owner is Hindu and will not allow services.

If we could find him $2000 us dollars, (by this coming Monday) he could move in and have the place for at least a year. He has the funds to cover the rest of the rent and utilities, etc.

I have tried to contact George Gross, Val and others with no response. If you could help me contact these or others and help me raise the fund this would be of a great benefit.

Ashley is not a "rise" christian and he does not know that I am trying to raise thee money. He had just gong out looking to see if he could find a place that he could afford. The place he is in now is just to small. He has been looking for a place for about a year and he has these real estate people calling him every day.

The other good news is that after the baptisms, I have rented a conference room here at the hotel for Sunday, November 6th. We are going to organize the mission into a branch and brother Ashley has agreed with his wife to file their first tithing statements and begin paying the tithes that are due.

I also believe that David Bell and his family are also going to file tithing statements and being paying there tithes. These people are very poor, but they understand that everyone must support the church even if in very small amounts.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jim Noland Update from India

Things are going very well here. There will be 5 baptisms at the end of the month and we are going to organize a branch.

Tonight we went to a hospital and administered to a Catholic, a Muslim, and a Hindu.

We will go back tomorrow night to see the results.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Judgment over America like over Ancient Israel


This was sent to me and I'm passing it on to all of you because I believe that it is worth your time.  

This is a program that is a must for all of us to watch.  It is a two part program, just under 30 minutes each, a Messianic Rabbi clearly demonstrates that America has been following the pathway of rebellion which will lead to God's removing his protection from this nation and great judgments to be allowed over our nation in our very near future.

No matter what you believe about who purpetrated the events of 9/11, the history of America's founding events took place on the very property of "Ground Zero" by George Washington and the other Founding Fathers, and the prayer that was uttered by our first President is now falling as judgment against our nation.  

Our own national leaders are repeating the same scriptures that will bring national judgment against us just as they did against ancient Israel.  (See Isaiah 9:10)  Please go to these URL addresses and watch the two videos.  Forget the hype about buying the CDs, the information here is sufficient to give us the basics of the message.  Take notes and pass this on to our people.

Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" & Messianic Vision

with Guest: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Sept. 19–25, 2011

Part 1

Part 2

May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

Your brother in Christ,


"In God we trust"

Sunday, October 9, 2011

James Noland Ministering in India

October 10, 2011 Seventy James Noland will leave for India. Please remember him in your prayers. He will be there until the week of Thanksgiving.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept 16 -18, 2011 Visit by the Church of Jesus Christ

The past two summers while doing missionary work in the state of California we have had the privilege of developing a relationship with members of the Church of Jesus Christ.  During those visits we have shared their pulpit a number of times, stayed in their homes and met them in numerous social gatherings.  We have sensed the presence of the good spirit as we have worshiped and shared in the rich testimonies of both of our heritages. 

This past weekend, September 16-18, four of their ministers flew to Independence, Missouri from Ohio, to share with various groups that comprise the Restoration Branch Movement.

Our weekend activities began with a long awaited visit to the home of Seventy Neil Simmons.  It was their hearts desire to meet and spend some time visiting with sister Verneil about her many testimonies regarding the Book of Mormon and her research on the limited geography model.  The presence of the good spirit permeated our time of over 2 ½ hours.  All shared openly the deep-seated convictions of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the unfolding truth of the location of Book of Mormon lands.

We then spent over 3 hours meeting in the fellowship room at the Zarahemla Branch with 13 of the local Seventy.  Brother Patrick led us in a brief period of worship, calling upon themes that we both hold dear to the prosecution of the work, followed in prayer by Brother Jim.  Our discussion centered around such topics as the work in India, differences in church structure, calls to the ministry, the law of stewardship, gathering to this continent and the First Nations Peoples.

Our four brothers followed this with an open gathering of Saints from various branches of the Restoration to listen to an evening presentation on the history and movement of the Church of Jesus Christ.  We were introduced to a number of their beautiful hymns, with the congregation rejoicing as all were led in joyful singing.  Brother Patrick introduced the thought and desire that we should all have in attempting to build bridges between groups to sew the entire Restoration Movement back together into a beautiful tapestry that the work of the Lord will find its fulfillment.  Wonderful fellowship followed as the Saints had the opportunity to personally meet these brothers.  The association was rich as those gathered testified of the movement of the Holy Spirit and the blessing in this effort to begin developing a relationship with those of the Church of Jesus Christ.

As we gathered Sunday morning at Saint's Haven Restoration Branch, the Saints arrived early as brother Patrick presented a class on the Antiquity of the Gospel.  The morning class was followed by a wonderful service of worship with special music by Sister Paula Swayne.  Her offerings represented a selection from the Church of Jesus Christ's, Songs of Zion, Won't it Be Something To See Israel Smile and our own There's An Old, Old Path.  Brother Jim presided and Phil Jackson of the Church of Jesus Christ shared in the spoken word, recounting the angel message, the work among the seed of Joseph and a call to righteousness.  Fellowship continued as we shared in a wonderful meal prepared by the Sisters of the branch.

We look forward to a continuing relationship with our Brothers and Sisters of the Church of Jesus Christ. May God hear our prayers and bless our efforts to follow the leadings of His Spirit.

Seventies Jim and Patrick McKay

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonites) Visit Independence

On Saturday evening September 17th at 6:00 PM the Zarahemla Branch (502 SW 17th Street, Blue Springs, MO) is hosting a presentation by the Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonites), to share with the saints of the Restoration Branches about this portion of the Restoration.  They will inform us about their heritage, what they are doing today in the mission field, as well as share some of their wonderfully inspired hymns. They are believers in, and supporters of, the Angel Message; and like us, they yearn and long for the redemption of Zion, and the gathering of the House of Israel.

This is not a proselytizing effort; but, rather, a bridge building activity.  All are invited to come and meet these Brethren, as they give expression to the Marvelous Work and a Wonder; that one day all the Restoration may be healed, and we can become one people.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pat McKay presents to Bickertonite Church in California

Wednesday, August 31st, evening Brother Patrick gave a stirring presentation on the Antiquity of The Gospel.  Clearly the Book of Mormon reveals the revelation that Christ was before preached, pointing men to the plan of salvation prior to His earthly ministry.  

Christianity has no answers for this testimony, requiring theologians to develop the idea that a different gospel was presented to different periods of time, but the "scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham," Galatians. 3:8 Paul gives us a foundation upon which we cannot be mislead in this by declaring, "…there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.  But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed"(Galatians 1:7,8), they (theologians) refer to this as Dispensationalism.   

With the blessing of the Inspired Translation, that revelation has clearly been defined.   When sharing with those who have yet to receive the Book of Mormon, and the Inspired Translation, The Kings James Version can become an important tool to introduce them to these latter-day records.  

We rejoice in meeting with this branch of the Restoration once again, sharing the testimony of the work of His Kingdom.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

McKay Brothers--Adding to the Church...such as Should Be Saved

The work of the kingdom finds us laboring to find souls 'that gladly receive his word and are baptized; thus adding to His church daily, such as should be saved.'  We received notice on August 8, 2011 of a family member that needed a visit if we were still in the area.  We checked our maps and found that we were just a few miles from making such a visit.  A day later and we would have been out of the Browns Valley area, on our way south towards Los Angeles.  What we found was a warm, engaging couple that eagerly welcomed us into their home, in spite of laborers working on the house.  We met Nelson and Beverly Lucas and began to engage them in conversation to find that she had been worshiping in the local LDS church for the past 20 years.  Nelson, in his late 80's is a member of the Reorganization, holding the office of Priest.  Without much hesitation Beverly announces that she desired baptism.  As quickly as this statement was made, a knock on the door brought the close friends and neighbors of the Lucas', who are member of the LDS church.  Our conversation quickly changed with no opening to address Beverly's concern.  We proceeded with a power point presentation on the redemption of Zion and its fulfillment through the seed of Joseph Smith, Jr.  All received the presentation well and we thanked our hosts for their time and were on our way.

Beverly's statement could not be shaken from our thoughts, desiring that we might be given an opportunity to meet with her again as we worked our way back north to meet other commitments.  We continued to visit about Beverly's statement and were impressed more so as each day passed.  We determined that we would drive to the Lucas home on August 26th.  As we sat in conversation, we went directly to the issue of what appeared to us as an unusual statement.  She explained that she had wanted to be baptized in the LDS church, but her husband's faith was an obstacle that had caused some division between them over the years.  We began to share on one significant point of difference; was Mary overshadowed by the Holy Ghost in conceiving the Savior, as both the Book of Mormon and the Bible taught or not?  As we began to open the word of God and the official teachings of the LDS church, tears began to course down her face as the spirit bore witness of the truthfulness of our testimony.  We told her we felt directed by the spirit to return and ask her to be baptized.  She gladly received the word and accepted the invitation to enter into the waters of regeneration.

Baptismal charge by Jim McKay
 Preparations were made to meet the Lucas' and other saints we have been ministering to in the Yuba City and Oroville areas at Collins Lake on Sunday afternoon, August 28th, at 4 p.m.  We had made a visit to the lake to determine a good spot, which we did find.  We were told there would be a $12 fee for each vehicle.  When we arrived on Sunday, prepared to pay for three vehicles, we were told there would be no charge.  We had prayed that such would be the case. Now, for the second time on this mission trip, God had moved upon the hearts of others and opened the way, giving us a testimony of His hand in this work.

Beverly Lucas baptized by Patrick McKay
Eight of us gathered, "Afar in Old Judea" was sung, prayer by Elder Lyn Wixom, and remarks by Seventy Jim McKay were spoken in charging our sisters as to the nature and authority of that which was about to transpire.  We walked to the waters edge as Seventy Patrick McKay, taking Beverly in hand, entered into the water and performed this sacred ordinance.

Confering of the Holy Ghost to Beverly Lucas
After changing and then returning to the Lucas home, Patrick delivered a charge centering on the gift of the Holy Ghost.  We laid our hands upon her head and Seventy Jim McKay spoke the long awaited words of joy, 'receive ye the Holy Ghost'. Priest Nelson Lucas closed our service with prayer.  There were tears of joy by those gathered.

We returned on Monday, August 29th to administer the sacrament and set brother Nelson apart to strengthen him in his ministry.  Brother Patrick spoke and administered the emblems to the four of us.  With tears of joy, sister Beverly shared that she had heard that prayer of blessing for 20 years, wondering what it would be like to partake.  Her testimony is, "it was worth the wait." Brother Nelson gave expression to what this meant to him, his relationship with Beverly and that his work was not done.  Brother Jim spoke words of counsel and encouragement to brother Nelson as the hands of both Seventy were placed upon his head, challenging him to step forward, responding to the ministry he had been called to many years before.

Our testimony is that the Lord blesses His servants as they go forth to declare His name and the hope of His Kingdom.  Please remember this family that the Holy Spirit will visit them, encouraging and ministering to their needs.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Gary Metzger--Work in Peru and Brazil

The August 2011 trip began with a 2 ½ hour delay in the flight from KC to Houston, but by God's grace the person who sat next to me was also going to Lima (the only other one on the plane) and he had a cell phone. When we landed, he had a message that told us our next flight had been delayed and was leaving in 25 minutes! Seventy Elias Martinez was scheduled to travel with me, but unforeseen circumstances prevented him from going to Lima with me at the last minute. I arrived in Lima at 12:45 am on Saturday, and our non-member contact, David Custodio, was still there, and had waited for 2 ½ hours. We quickly developed a friendship which we had built by internet over the prior 2 months. He had received literature from us and had already studied it. He was an elder, who was the teacher of the quorum of elders in the Mormon Church in Callao, Peru.
David, his mother and I, attended the Mormon Church where she lives; and we were introduced to various persons. The missionary elders made an appointment to visit us on Tuesday afternoon, but they did not come.
On Monday afternoon, David's brother and a friend came over. David took the initiative to teach them a class from the scriptures with many insights. With all the many contacts he had been sharing with, his preparation in the word of God and the obvious gifts he had in ministry, I began praying about priesthood and kept in communication with Nathan Sherer about that topic.
After a few days of review of the topics that separated the two churches, on Wednesday he agreed to be baptized and wanted to raise up the work of the restoration. I stayed in his mother's house, and it served well to be able to share with his sisters and nieces, who often were there as well. That afternoon one of his nieces and I were singing hymns that I recognized from their hymnal while a lady, Flor, was visiting with David's mom. Shortly, Flor came over and asked for prayers for her son, who lived with one of David's sisters, Sirley (in the photo below).
That night, David and I spoke with his new bride from Mexico, who was still in Mexico. She was being plagued with demonic appearances during each night, which began the same day I arrived in Peru; even her mom saw them in their house. But the demons never touched David's wife.
David asked me to offer ministry to her on-line and we spoke of the power of prayer and fasting when our hearts were set upon the Lord. The three of us committed to pray fervently and to fast on Thursday morning as well. She was blessed and had them no more.
Thursday about 11:00 am we left for the beach…to have David's baptism. We timed a wave, and we rejoiced at his new life. That afternoon we studied the functioning of a branch and the responsibilities of the local priesthood. He rejoiced at learning the importance of the Aaronic offices, which are not utilized the same way in the Mormon church. That evening we had his confirmation.
On Friday, morning I awakened to the impress of the Spirit that David was already functioning in the office of elder and was prepared for the call. So I wrote Nathan and he confirmed that his call had been impressed upon him earlier in the week. During the day David and I helped move some of Sirley's furniture into their home. It gave us a chance to begin to share while in the truck. That evening I presented to David his call and he was desirous to serve. We planned for a Sunday afternoon ordination service. David then shared some insights of the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10) with Jesus being the Good Samaritan, and tending to the wounds of those buffeted by Satan, and Jesus "having compassion" healing by oil and wine likened to His spirit and blood. Very interesting.
Children, Mother, Sister

On Sunday, David needed to go into Callao in the morning. Meanwhile, his mother and I met for church and shared scripture and sang unto the Lord. She was glad to meet with us, and had agreed to let David begin holding services in her house. Later, the family arrived and we had Sunday School with his four nieces.

It was the beginning of a ministry that David is going to provide each week in the future. While David was in Callao, he attended his old Mormon ward. Afterwards, he shared some of the tracts we had just created and copied the night before with about five of his friends, who had gathered around him. They were asking about the Restoration seventy in his house and our version of the Book of Mormon, which David had.
Ordination of David to Elder
While waiting for David to return from Callao, I was able to share with Sirley and encourage her, and she was touched by the Spirit in her heart to move closer to God. That evening, a blessed week of ministry ended with the ordination service of our new brother David as an elder, with the assurance that his many contacts and deep desire to share the truth will bring new fruit to the vineyard.

I left Peru late Sunday evening, and flew by way of Buenos Aires, Argentina, since it was the most economical flight to Brazil. That enabled me to visit that afternoon with an interested Mormon elder, who Bob Moore and I have been writing for over a month. He was very interested in the Restoration movement and continuing of the church through Joseph Smith, but was unwilling, at this point, to submit to rebaptism. We had a very good visit.
Lucinaldo (left), Pedro (right) and Gary
I left the next day for Rio de Janeiro to visit our member Lucinaldo da Mata Bezerra. He met me at the airport with a friend named Pedro. Pedro had had a headache and backache for two weeks. That first evening I administered to him, and he experienced no pain for the remainder of my nine-day visit.
While I was there, Lucinaldo and I were able to accomplish the translation and editing of six tracts, and a few other works from Spanish into Portuguese.
On Sunday morning, Lucinaldo and I had church service together and we served each other communion, since he hadn't partaken in over two years. We sang together and shared scripture. The words of one of the songs brought the sweet spirit to both of us, and we wept. That was so encouraging, since Lucinaldo normally does not attend service, being the only member in Brazil.
That night, we went to visit some Mormon friends of his, who were interested in the Reorganization. We had a one hour study, in which I was blessed to basically understand their Portuguese; and they were able to mostly understand mine! It was the first time I ministered in Portuguese with very little help.
We pray that the work can now grow as Lucinaldo has hundreds of copies of six tracts with which to evangelize. We still need to prepare the Book of Mormon in Portuguese for the future. There are great opportunities for the work in South America. Thank you for your prayers for a solid foundation for the work.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seventies Declare Book of Mormon Divinity and Prophetic Message

Saturday evening, August 20, Seventies Jim and Patrick McKay shared the divine nature of the Book of Mormon through personal testimony and a powerpoint presentation on "The Book of Mormon, A Dynamic Unfolding Model of Revelation and a Harbinger of Things to Come."  The Lord opened the door for the use of the Upland California, Community of Christ building to share this message.  Nine member of the Community of Christ attended, and by their own testimony, they had not heard a message of this nature in many many years.  Aso attending and lending support were brother and sister Essary.  Sunday morning we ministered in the Long Beach Restoration Branch.  A small gathering, with some member away for the week end.  We spoke of the promise to the seed of Joseph Smith and the fulfillment to the work that is just before us as well as sharing in testimony of the manifestations of the spirit that are accompanying the work in Africa and Cuba. We shared in an afternoon of fellowship and would ask the saints to remember this small group as they strive to remain faithful and seek the guidance and direction of the Lord.

We continue to press the work forward as we travel and share with scattered, isolated saints and those that would be saints.  We have re-engaged one saint in the work and have made a second visit to support, encourage and witness to the non-member spouse.  There are 3 others that we believe in time will enter the waters of baptism, so we are encouraged that as we all go forth in the name of Jesus to build up His Kingdom, signs and wonders will follow is servants.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jim & Patrick McKay California Trip July 25 – August 15, 2011

This is a brief summary of our activities thus far (we have 3 weeks remaining and solicit the continued prayers of the saints).

Thus far we have made 33 home visits and 5 phone visits, unable to meet in person, 6 preaching assignments, 4 of which have taken place in the Church of Jesus Christ, 2 special testimonies in the same group, administered the sacrament twice, administered to the ill once and one baptism and confirmation.  Of note, during the administration of the sacrament to one sister, who had received it a year ago for the first time in almost 25 years, her joy was deeply penetrating.  Perhaps we have taken some of our opportunities to casually.  We received notice this morning from a sister who had a dream where she saw her husband re-energized in his ministry, baptizing his son-in-law and two grandsons, with the McKay boys laying on hand for the reception of the Holy Ghost. 

This is a family that has been isolated for many years and each of the last 3 summers we have sought to minister to their needs.  We have found a brother that is elderly and occupying in the office of Priest, having no contact with the church for 20 years, not knowing that there was one within an hours drive.  We have arranged for periodic ministry to come to him and his companion.  Of course our joy became full on Sunday as we baptized a 33-year member of the Utah Mormon Church.  Please remember our new sister in your prayers as she begins a new life in Christ Jesus.

We remember our brothers and sister in the center place and encourage all to be instant in season, giving a reason for the hope that is within us.

Your servants in Christ, Jim and Patrick

Jim Noland Trip to Belle, Missouri

Our summer 2011 trip to Belle, Missouri has been a very exciting and encouraging mission. There is now established a mission of 8 adults and 3 children. 4 are members and 7non-members! We anticipate baptisms from this group and pray for a priesthood call! We labored long and diligently to find the scattered saints in the area and still have hopes that more of our contacts will join this group.

Some members are in other churches including some of the priesthood members. Through administration a dear lady saint is able to walk without her cane and pain in her legs. We are continuing our efforts there and have scheduled other seventy and priesthood to bring ministry. God is moving to find his sheep! Praise to Him for His great plan of salvation and for His Zion.

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Helps" from George Knotts

See the site  for 'helps' with your own missionary endeavors for Jesus Christ.  The site is moving up in the rankings because of the number of visits it has received.  George would say, "Blessed again, I had help."

Ron Smith in the Northwest

I returned from Cameroon after a four-day wait in Douala for a plane. After a couple weeks at home in Lamoni, I flew to the Northwest. I preached at the Salem, Oregon branch yesterday (Sunday) morning. In the afternoon, I accompanied several of the Saints on a wonderful picnic at the Silver Falls State Park to the south of Silverton. As we were walking back to our cars, we met a large Ukrainian family singing Christian songs such as "Our God is an awesome God" in Russian. We joined them and had a super time singing in our respective languages songs of praise to the Lord. It turned out that three of the principal members of the group work in the same Walmart as the pastors mother, and they know each other! In the evening, many of the members gathered to hear testimonies of the Lord's work in these days. George and Jeanette Thomas were there, and we had a wonderful time sharing for a couple of hours. Tomorrow (Tuesday) the Vancouver Reunion begins in Washington, and I will be going there to share in campfires and any way that I can. I am looking forward to George and Jeanette being there too.

Steve DeVera & Bill Leutzinger at Maine Reunion

Seventies Steve DeVera & Bill Leutzinger traveled to provide ministry at the first Maine Reunion of the group led by Seventy Gary Wilson.  It was a small gathering of about fourty Saints, yet, the Lord blessed them richly.  Two adults, one who attended the reunion and one who was just visiting, were so moved upon by the Spirit that they were baptized.  The sister visiting received an additional special blessing during her baptism of the Holy Ghost where she felt more hands on her head than those of the elders physically present.  The reunion was a marvelous, uplifting experience for all.

Jim & Patrick McKay's Missionary Travels in California

Yesterday, Sunday Aug. 7 we put on a presentation here in Chico, California. The Book of Mormon, a Dynamic Unfolding Model of Revelation and a Harbinger of Things To Some. The group was small, but some individuals were new faces that we hope will find a place in the restoration branch here. The message was well received. We received quite a blessing when I went to pay the funeral home director the agreed upon fee of $300, which was a discount from the normal $500 for two hours of usage, he told me there would be no charge. Is the Lord mindful of us in all of our needs? I'll let you answer. We continue to move throughout the state, meeting today with a family in the Oroville area to help strengthen what we have established over the past two summers. We rejoice in your prayerful support and ask for continued prayers for the remaining 4 weeks that are before us. We have each now preached twice in the Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonites). We look forward to eventually working our way back to Southern California. We still need doors opened to share the Book of Mormon presentation in their churches in both Modesto and the Los Angeles areas. We have had a door open in the Rancho Cucamonga area of the Community of Christ, that will allow us to give this presentation in their congregation.

Exciting News!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Missionary trips

Seventies Bill Leutzinger and Steve De Vera will be traveling to Maine to bring ministry for several weeks.

Seventies Patrick and Jim Mckay will travel to California for 6 weeks.

Elders Micah and Jonah Bates are traveling to Chile.

Seventies Elias Martinez (From Mexico) and Gary Metzger will travel to Peru / Brazil.

Please keep them and all other missionaries in your prayers this summer.

Mission to Cameroon

Seventies Hensley Mbanaso and Ron Smith will be traveling to Cameroon from July 7 - 28. Please keep them in your prayers.

Monday, June 6, 2011

JCRB Global Internet Broadcast Features Seventy

The Joint Conference of Restoration Branches produced a Global Internet Broadcast on June 5th, 2011 that featured the Seventy.  If you were unable to watch live, the recording is now up at
It is technically well done and, more importantly, focuses on the work of Jesus Christ and His gospel.  Please share as the Spirit leads that we all might bring glory to the Lord of the Vineyard through our joint labors unto Him.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two New Seventy Ordained

Gary Metzger and Hugh Caldwell accepted their call to Seventy and were ordained at the April 2011 JCRB International Conference.  Go to and click About Us to select these names from the dropdown list to read more about these men.  The Seventy welcome these new brothers to their ranks, and are happy to have more laborers in the vineyard for the Lord of the harvest.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Work Opens in Chile & Argentina - Seventy Gary Metzger & Nathan Sherer

For 10 days, Seventy Nathan Sherer and Elder Gary Metzger provided ministry to open up the work for the restoration in Chile and Argentina. We visited three elders who were former members of the Community of Christ in Santiago, Chile. We found our contact there, Reinaldo Hernández, through Facebook, pointed out to us by our new contact in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On Saturday evening, March 12th, we met with these 3 men and answered their questions and testified of the work of the Holy Spirit and the organization of the conference. Reinaldo had already baptized his mother and sister, and the other two elders were busily engaged in ministry as well. We stayed in Reinaldo's home and he provided for our needs as the gospel indicates. We left them with great hopes. Two of the Elders have written us since and let us know that they and their groups will be joining us.  That gives us Two Elders and Six members in Chile.

On Sunday we ministered to many in Reinaldo's family and shared in class and testimony. Reinaldo's mom, who is a member, invited her entire family to hear a class by us. We discussed the Kingdom of God and what it was.  We were talking about how to become a citizen and read What Peter had to say on the day of Pentecost to the people that were gathered there. Nathan read Acts 2:38 where it says that Baptism is for the remission of sins. Reinaldo's aunt, Nancy, shared how terrible it was for a church to baptize innocent children, implying that they are sinful at birth. It was a great opportunity to share the Book of Mormon witness. The Spirit of God  ministered to many of his family. Every house we went into they wanted us to bless it.  We blessed three different houses.
Monday the 14th we traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to visit with Pablo Salvato, a contact we have had for over 5 years. He had a spiritual dream in which he saw himself in a tall building, looking down and seeing a man standing on the waters of a river motioning for him to come. Pablo knew that this man was sent of God to lead him to the other side and escape destruction. In March of last year, he recognized Gary Metzger's face on Facebook and immediately asked for baptism in response to God's revelation from years earlier.

Pablo's wife, Elena, has been studying with Pablo at home for many years now, but never expressed a desire in being part of the work. During Tuesday afternoon, we felt led that we should sing. Elena shared that she had received ministry from an angel about two weeks prior to our visit and that he sang her a hymn and told her to receive a blessing three times. Later that evening, Elena shared with us that she has been sick with a problem in her blood for about 11 years. At the end of our sharing, it was 1:00am and there is a campfire-like song that speaks of seeking the Lord at 1:00am for him to resolve our problems. That song was sung and we prayed. We also agreed administer to her for a blessing later.

On Wednesday we continued classes and spoke to some personal issues that were bothering Pablo. That night Pablo had a dream. He saw himself naked before the Lord, and then the Lord gave him white clothes. He understood that his dream meant that in his present condition that he was naked and ashamed, but would receive robes of righteousness with his baptism.

The next day, we performed the laying on of hands for Elena's healing and then had Pablo's baptism. To our joy afterwards, Elena told us that she also desired to be baptized! She had asked for years for people to come to her house and pray for her, and no one had done so. She had promised the Lord when someone would, that she would unite with them in the work. She also knew that when the angel had come to her two weeks before and told her to receive the blessing that he meant more than just a physical blessing, but also meant that receiving us and the gospel were part of that as well. So both were baptized that day, and after classes in the afternoon about members' duties, they were confirmed as the first two members of the church in Argentina!
Seventy Frank Frye had also made contact with a man in northern Argentina over a year ago. This person heard we were coming and was able to join us for classes on Saturday and Sunday and to ask us questions to clear up his understanding of the differences between the Mormon Church and the Restoration. The truth was difficult for him, but he left with much to consider and great desires to join us.

We finished our stay in Argentina with a communion service with our new members and prayed for God's blessings on His work.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Randy Vick West Africa Winter 2011 - BACK IN THIS TROPICAL PARADOX

Taxiing toward the terminal, all I see are UN aircraft and I'm thinking Africa Sky is probably the only commercial airline using Spriggs-Payne. The sight of those UN aircraft reminds me of all the flights I made out of this airport, as UN Regional Police Commander, when I had to visit my international and Liberian police officers in Zwedru, the capital of  Grand Gedeh, Fishtown, the capital of River Gee, Harper, the capital of Maryland, Bartlesville, the capital of Grand Kru and sometimes Greenville, the capital of Sinoe, although I usually made that trip by road. My headquarters was located in Buchanan, the capital of Grand Bassa, and I always went by road to visit Cestos City, the capital of River Cess. When I needed to fly I would have to drive from Buchanan north, 155 km, to Monrovia to catch a flight south, sometimes on the same type of aircraft I'm flying today, although reconfigured for transporting troops and cargo. Most often though I would fly on Ukrainian helicopters. While not as reliable, the helicopters always flew much lower, affording a better view of the scenery below.
I am in the first seat in economy and there are no business class passengers, so I am the first to disembark on the tarmac and walk to the terminal, where I'm directed to a Customs Officer. He thumbs through my passport and with a look of disdain, tells me to follow him into a back office. There I'm confronted by a very large and very stern looking woman seated at a desk who orders me to sit, and I sit. She thumbs through my passport and then thumbs through it again, finally asking me what we're going to do about the problem of me not having a visa. I am polite, but not friendly as I direct her attention to the three year Liberian visa that takes up one whole page of my passport. She stamps and signs my passport and hands it to me without saying a word or even looking at me. (I learn later from a Lebanese man who has lived in Liberia for 40 years, that I only got away with that because I am an American and because I stood up to her. He told me he always has to slip $20.00 US into his passport to get through customs.)
I always wear my documents pouch around my neck when arriving in Liberia, with a US flag and an old UN Police ID card prominently displayed.  No one ever notices that the ID card is expired. As I claim my luggage, a Customs Officer directs me to place it on the counter and open it for inspection, and I have no problem with that. As I'm unlocking it, a Liberian police officer standing nearby, speaks rather harshly to the Customs Officer, pointing out my "police" ID and the Customs Officer apologizes and immediately sends me on my way.
Making my way out the front door of the terminal I am prepared to repel the onslaught of taxi drivers and find a place in the shade to wait for Bro. Stephen, since my flight arrived so early. As the taxi drivers rush me, I hear Bro. Stephen calling out to me. It is always a joy to see his smiling face when arriving back in Liberia, but especially so today when I assumed I would have a long wait. Turns out he has been waiting for some time as he wanted to be sure he would not be late. He has borrowed a friend's car and has one of his "sons" Joshua with him. I've known Bro. Stephen for several years now, but I had never met his son Joshua. Then I realize, like Bro. Eric and Sr. Pam in Kenya, Bro. Stephen and Sr. Sarah take in young men as their sons, to help guide and mentor them. Bro. Stephen tells me my Liberian son, Milton, is coming from Buchanan to greet me at the airport and he calls him and learns that he is only blocks away. We make arrangments to rendezvous with him on Monrovia's main arterial street, UN Drive, and its another joyous reunion.
The movement of the car, with the windows down, brings a breeze which is a welcome relief from the heat, until we reach the crush of humanity that is Red Light in Paynesville, Monrovia's largest suburb. I realize there may be a market somewhere in the world that is more crowded, although I've never seen it, but I'm willing to bet there are none more chaotic. Its an amazing obstacle course as Bro. Stephen maneuvers through the mass of human foot traffic, as well as motorized and non-motorized vehicles of every size and description, including trucks, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, wheelbarrows, push carts, etc.  He manages and soon we turn on the winding, dirt streets of Kabah Town, a suburb of Paynesville, and finally to Soul Clinic, the community within Kabah Town where Bro. Stephen lives. Arriving at his home, I am greeted warmly by Sis Sarah and two of their children, Ophelia and Garpaulyondeh. Wooden chairs are brought to a shady spot and even though I'm sweating profusely, it's good to sit in the shade in this calm and quiet atmosphere away from all the hustle and bustle.
All too soon its time for Milton to go to his cousin's where he'll stay the night and Bro. Stephen has to take the car back to his friend. We've decided that I'll travel to Buchanan tomorrow with Milton as he has to be back at his UN post at 1 PM. Bro. Stephen will also accompany us and go to his rubber farm in Compound 3 in Grand Bassa County. Most Liberians have a difficult time thinking of, or planning for the future, but not so Bro. Stephen. He has planted a rubber tree farm on his family's property in Gardee Town in east central Grand Bassa County. Rubber farming is a big source of income in Liberia and if his farm does well, when it starts producing in 8 to 10 more years, his children will be provided for, but in the meantime it requires a lot of maintenance. So we'll be traveling together in a taxi, and it will be good to have traveling companions that are friends and not strangers.
When it is just Sis Sarah, the kids and I, she serves a delicious meal of tuna fish sandwiches. I always appreciate whatever is provided as I know it's a sacrifice for them and they always make the extra sacrifice of including meat in the meal. Following dinner I have a rare opportunity to observe a slice of everyday life in the Gardee family, and separated from Sis Sarah and her children by the darkness, it's almost as if I'm not here. In the darkness, Sis Sarah is sitting in the dirt on the ground next to the bench we used for our dinner table. She turns on the tiny flashlight feature of her cell phone, puts on an old pair of glasses with twisted frames and seriously scratched lenses, and begins to grade the papers of her 1st and 2nd grade students from that day's school session. She uses this opportunity to teach her own children who are gathered around her in the darkness. I sit there in silence appreciating the scene before me, so far removed from my own life of leisure and comfort and every modern convenience.
When Bro. Stephen returns I have an opportunity for a cold bucket bath and after all my previous experiences with bucket baths, I am still amazed at how shockingly cold the water can be and how quickly I break a sweat after completing my bath. But this will be the norm for the next three weeks, so I have to get used to it.
Bro. Stephen and I will share a mosquito net tonight and it will be good to have a defense against those little critters who have already scored several hits just since my bath.
We behave like we're at a slumber party as we talk late into the night sharing things of the gospel and of the work in Liberia. Bro. Stephen is such a dedicated man of the gospel it's a pleasure to visit with him about the work. Even after dozing off for awhile and being awakened by the heat, we begin a whole new conversation, and finally it cools down just enough to allow a little sleep before dawn.
We get an early start for Buchanan, and before the heat of the day arrives, the breeze through the open windows of the moving taxi is refreshing. When we get to Smell No Taste Town*, just before Roberts International Airport, we stop at the Liberia National Police depot, where Bro. Stephen's wrecked car is parked. He was hit nearly head  on a few months ago and could very well have been killed, but walked away with cuts and bruises, even though they had to use an axe to chop him out of the car. Sadly, he had new tires on his car at the time of the accident and strangely, parked right in front of the police station, the tires have disappeared. Even after stealing his tires, or allowing them to be stolen, the Substation Commander starts giving him a hard time for not introducing me, as I have walked over to the car and started taking pictures. Bro. Stephen confronts the police officers, five or six of them are sitting there in front of the depot, mentioning his missing tires and they won't even look at him, but stare at the ground. Milton and I continue our inspection and photographing of the car and Bro. Stephen learns the police are worried, thinking I'm an American lawyer who's going to take his case. Sadly, their temporary stress is the only satisfaction Bro. Stephen will get in this case. They already took bribes to find in the other driver's favor, even though the first police officer Bro. Stephen encountered, told him not to worry, that the other guy was at fault and they would have to buy him another car. That was before the owner of the other car bribed the people in the system and Bro. Stephen is not only out a car, but is in the process of paying a large restitution. The owner of the other car fired his driver knowing he was at fault. Milton finally encourages Bro. Stephen to leave the conversation with the police and we are on our way.
We stop at the supermarket in Harbel, on the giant Firestone Rubber Plantation, where you can buy American brand products if you don't mind paying $3.00 US for a can of Pringles, and I don't. A can of Pringles will last me for a week, as I will munch just a little now and then to remind me of home. I also have a small bag of Cheetos, given to me by a friend in America and I'll make them last even longer. I'm able to buy an assortment of little nic-nac toys for the kids at Hope. There are little plastic cars, little carousel noise toys and little saxophones that are whistles, all filled with a very small amount of candy. Something most of our kids wouldn't take a second look at, but I know the children at Hope will be thrilled.
We travel through villages, such as Eye To Eye, that I have been through dozens of times over the years and I still enjoy the sights and scenery and these villages haven't changed a bit. Mud and bamboo huts with thatch roofs and people sitting in their open air kitchens watching the world go by. The best part of this drive is always the fresh fruit vendors along the way. I finally ask the driver to stop in St. John River Town where I buy fresh bananas, 3 for $10.00. The sweetest, best tasting bananas in the world and worth more than $3.00 a piece don't you think? That's $3.00 LD, (Liberian Dollar), which comes to less than 5 cents, US.
The Chinese are doing well, rebuilding the Monrovia to Buchanan highway, although they've not made as much progress in the early days of this year's dry season as I had hoped. The drive is so much easier now than in those early days of 2004. The trip that took us 3 ½ bone jarring hours in a good 4 wheel drive SUV, now takes us about 2 ½ hours in a taxi and when the highway is complete, I'm sure the trip can be made in an 1 ½ hours. That will certainly lead to more development of the tourist business in Buchanan.
As I've always done, I note the three major landmarks along the way, to judge our progress on the drive to Hope. There's the Farmington River, the Mecklin River and the St. John River. Finally, we are approaching Hope Restoration Youth Home and my excitement is building.
*Smell No Taste Town was given its name during World War II, when a U.S. Army Camp was built near the airport. The locals could smell the food being cooked in the camp, but never had the opportunity to eat it.

Randy Vick West Africa Winter 2011 - BOUND FOR HOPE


When you travel missionary style, you take the cheapest airfare possible and though you save a considerable amount of money you pay the price in other ways.
I am traveling to Monrovia, Liberia from Kansas City, USA, via Atlanta, USA, New York City, USA and Accra, Ghana. KC to Atlanta is a couple of hours with a couple of hours layover, then a couple of hours to NYC with a couple of hours layover. A very nice gesture by a lady, business class passenger, on my flight from KC.  Just prior to take off she approaches the gentleman sitting next to me, a Staff Sgt in the U.S. Army, and offers to let him have her business class seat. In an equally nice gesture he asks her to give her seat to one of two younger servicemen on the flight, one in the Air Force and one in the Army. I'm not sure how she makes her choice, but the young soldier makes his way forward to business class.
My flight is 40 minutes late leaving Atlanta, because as we are taxiing for takeoff, a passenger who they say has a history of heart trouble, is having trouble, and we return to our gate where paramedics are waiting. A lady leaves the plane under her own power and I pray she is ok. My layover in NYC is shortened by half, but I will make up for it in Accra with a 7 ½ hour layover. The 10 1/2 hour transatlantic flight is uneventful, although I am freezing and exhausted as I step out of the airplane into the open air of Kotoka International Airport. Even at 8 AM the heat is quite a shock. Breathing in the moist tropical air is like inhaling nectar after the Midwest winter we've had.
One never knows what to expect when traveling in underdeveloped countries, but you take it as it comes. I'm assuming this airport must be better organized than the airport at Monrovia, as Ghana has been stable for many years now and with its Atlantic coastline, it is becoming a tourist destination for Europeans.
Boarding a bus on the tarmac we are driven to the arrivals hall, and a bit of air conditioning. Just a bit, but it makes quite a difference. I see a small man standing beneath a sign that reads TRANSIT and figure I'd better take a shot. A pleasant young man, he assures me that if I wait with him for a few more expected passengers, he will guide us all through the process. The next passenger I meet is a gentleman who is also going on to Monrovia, I hear him say, so I strike up a conversation. An African-American who works for the State Department, we have something in common as he will be working for State's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, or INL and I worked for INL in Afghanistan. He is on his way to Monrovia to begin a one year assignment and I have to admit I'm a bit envious. I am surprised to learn that we will not be flying on to Monrovia together however, as he has a morning connection on Nigerian Atlantic, on a real jet and I'm traveling the missionary way. I will be on an Ethiopian Airlines, propellor driven Dash 8 late this afternoon, actually operated by Africa Sky Airlines. When our young guide gathers his band of merry followers we begin our airport journey at customs. The customs officer wants assurance from me that I will not leave the airport, as I do not have a Ghanaian visa. Then its off to collect our baggage, and I'm very thankful to see my suitcase on the conveyor belt as I was not sure it had made the switch in New York due to our late arrival. As our little baggage train convoy winds through the airport, we are waved through numerous official checkpoints, with help from our guide, and we are finally out the door, across the parking lot, around the corner and up a very long ramp. The heat and humidity are taking their toll now and I am thankful for the person who thought of putting wheels on luggage. Finally we reach the summit and are back inside the semi-air conditioned airport at the Departures hall, where my luggage is inspected and stamped by customs and now I wait.
My ticket counter will not open for several hours so I find a somewhat quiet corner and park myself on a steel airport bench. The Delta flight from New York had the worst seats I've ever sat on in a commercial airliner. Vinyl and no cushion and this steel bench is no relief for my pained backside.
Then out of nowhere a lady appears pushing a ticket counter on wheels. She finds a spot in the middle of the terminal and its check in time for Africa Sky Airlines. Once I've checked my luggage I locate an internet café and drop a line to my family letting them know I've made it this far. Not sure when I'll next see the internet.
Time to board and 20 of us walk down a flight of stairs to the tarmac where we board a bus for our plane. When our two male flight attendants give our preflight safety briefing it's a little different. The flight attendant standing directly in front of me, notices the lady across the aisle from me is not paying attention and he reprimands her and she dutifully watches him closely for the rest of the briefing. Give Africa Sky Airlines credit, this is a very small plane, but the flight attendants serve a rather tasty meal, although two days of nothing but airplane food might have reduced my expectations.
We're west bound, flying almost the same airspace over Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Liberia we flew when eastbound into Accra. Thankfully the flight is uneventful and we land at Spriggs-Payne Airport in downtown Monrovia, rather than Roberts International Airport, which is 40 km outside the city. Not sure how they managed it but we've arrived an hour ahead of our scheduled arrival time.