Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Study Group formed in Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Over the past few months Elder David Drummond with the assistance of Seventies Mark Deitrick, Tim Canfield, Richard Smith and Ron Smith have ministered in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.  The fruit from their labors has resulted in a new Study Group being formed.  Seventy Tim Canfield gave the first official sermon last summer; and on November 22nd a joint gathering from branches in southeastern Iowa and western Illinois will meet at the Mount Pleasant Study Group.  We rejoice as these brothers and sisters are welcomed into the fold.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Public Calamty in the countries of de Central America!

Beloved Brothers and sisters,
My desire in my daily prayers is that may God bless you, after this small greeting I pass to tell you that our situation here is worse. Many brothers and sisters have no job, no hope and no food. About one week ago our Prime Minister here in Belize declare that our nation is in recession and Public Calamity, this situation is because of the world economic crisis. Our crop this year was lost because we don't have rain. This year was a very dry year.  Guatemala is in the same situation, the President Alvaro Colon declare that the country of Guatemala in Public Calamity. Brother Steve is there and he should know about the situation. We have families here that only eat one meal a day, some of them don't have any food at all. The hunger was only in the African country, now the hunger is in our own lands. Almost all the Central American countries are suffering this crisis. I hope you help us in these moments of critical situation we need Zion urgent we need Zion here. In these countries the governments don't have a program like in United States which helps the people. Here every body save by yourself or in Spanish we say Salvese quien pueda. This is our situation here. May God bless all of you your faithful Servant in Jesus Christ.

Seventy: Arturo Gomez

Friday, November 6, 2009

DeVera's Embark on Guatemala Ministry

Seventy Steve DeVera and his wife, Karen, have arrived safely in Guatemala where they will be ministering for the next several months. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trip Update & Prayer Requests

Missionary trips completed by Seventy John Dollen in the past six months include Ontario Canada, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland.
Specific missionary prayer requests are,
_Pray for peace in the church
_Pray for domestic growth
_Pray for the safety and well-being of the families as men are away
Seventy Randy Vick is currently serving in Afghanistan as part of the UN Police force. He asks for your prayers in behalf of the women and girls of Afghanistan. They don't know Jesus Christ, so they cannot know the hope and love that comes from Him. Their culture thinks so little of them and offers them almost nothing.