Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seventy Minister to Former COC Group

On Sunday October 25th, Seventy Frank Frye and Seventy Patrick McKay preached and taught classes to a group numbering about 35 who have just recently separated from the Community of Christ. The overall theme was to share with them the three “R’s”; Return to the Roots of the Restoration. This ministry was well received with an invitation to return. They appeared very hungry for gospel preaching which has been lacking in their previous church home. There are about 15 young people in this group and they heard for the first time about the experience of J.J. Cornish and the Light at the River Thames. Their separation from the Community of Christ is due to the latest document advocating membership without baptism and recognition of the homosexual life style. They are now anxious to review other recent changes in the Community of Christ through an examination of church history and the scriptures. Seventy Ron Johnson has been invited to share with this group on a regular basis.

Restoration Seventy at Book of Mormon Festival in Michigan

Seventies Frank Frye and Patrick McKay traveled to the Lansing, Michigan area to participate in a Book of Mormon Festival on Saturday, October 24th, organized by Seventy Ron Johnson. Other participants included members from the Church of Christ Restored, the Church of Christ (Temple Lot) and the Community of Christ. This was part of an ongoing attempt to use the Book of Mormon to try and create common ground with these other portions of the Restoration, anticipating the time when the Restoration can be sewn back together.
Brother McKay gave a presentation dealing with the revelatory nature of the Book of Mormon and its forecasting of future events. Brother Frye discussed eight pillars of the Book of Mormon such as Modern Testimonies, Internal Evidences, Pre Columbian Manuscripts, Archeology and Bible Prophecy, etc. He also shared insights regarding Quetzalcoatl and how the historical record verifies he was Jesus Christ. The other presentations concerned the Words of Christ in the Book of Mormon, DNA Evidences and the meaning of the Curse placed on the Lamanites.

Seventy Patrick McKay

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Book of Mormon Event in Michigan

Brother Patrick McKay and I will be leaving in his car in the morning (Thur. Oct. 20) at 6:00 A.M.  We will be looking for Saints to visit on the way up to the Lansing area and then again on the way home via a different route.  Brother Ron Johnson has invited us and several others from various different groups to participate in the Book of Mormon Day there, and the following day we will minister at one of the Branches up there.  We look forward to fellowship on the road as well at the events this weekend.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Frank Frye

"In God we trust"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Patriarch Ministers to Seventy

Dear Brothers,

From time to time I have written to you as a group as well as individually to inquire about your ministry as Seventy. I want you to know that I hold the Seventy up to God in my daily prayers. Some of you have contacted me, asking me to pray for something special taking place in your life and in your ministry. I encourage you to continue to do so. In the near future I will be calling you to ask about the testimonies that have come your way as the result of your ministry in your Office of Seventy.

To the brethren ordained recently to this office, your ministry in the Office of Seventy is just getting started. Your testimonies will develop over time. It is my earnest desire to assist you spiritually anyway that I can and I want you to freely ask for my help when needed.

My home phone has an answering machine and my cellphone has voicemail, (you have my phone numbers), so if you call and I do not answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you quickly.

Your Brother in Christ,
Milo M. Burnett,

Three Seventy Bring Ministry in India

July 7th through 21st, Presidents of Seventy Steve De Vera and William Leutzinger traveled to India to join Seventy Ananda Rao to bring ministry to the saints and priesthood in Visag and Orissa.

In the Visag area the Seventy performed several administrations and shared the Gospel with many members and non-members.

Joined by Sr. Agnus Rao, the Seventy journeyed to the Kui tribal area in Orrisa state, to participate in the dedication of the church in Jilakuta. Not only was the church dedicated, but a plaque was placed on a monument in the center of the village, witnessing of the dedication of the saints in that area to the Restoration Gospel. In Orissa state, 22 men were ordained to the priesthood and God's mercy was evident as the Holy Spirit was poured out during many services and ordinances. Priesthood training classes were also held with more than 30 brethren in attendance. The brethren said there were so many blessings it was hard to share them all.

Bro. Steve said the saints and priesthood are very eager to promote the Gospel in their area and beyond and they are eagerly awaiting the translation of the Book of Mormon into the Oriya language as well as several tracts and portions of the D&C.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seventies Mark Deitrick & Ron Smith minister at Geneseo Retreat

Over one hundred people, from several branches and groups, attended the annual fall retreat at Geneseo, IL on October 8-10, 2010. It was a blessing to all in a weekend filled with fellowship and worship. Seventy Mark Deitrick taught the adult class on short notice since Seventy Dave Drummond was called away because of his brother Bud Drummond's heart attack. Bud has since passed on to receive his reward, so we ask prayers for the Drummond family. Seventy Ron Smith shared in a session on Missionary Work along with Seventy Ed Geiersbach from the Church of Christ Restored and Elder Doug Smith from Lexington Restoration Branch. The spoken word at the retreat was brought by High Priest Rob Rolfe and High Priest Sherman Phipps. Sister Donna Vickery received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and others received special blessing through the ordinance of administration during the special healing service. Overall, the Saints rejoiced in the many blessings received at the retreat.

Seventy Doug Patterson Ministers at Mount Ayr Branch

On September 26, 2010 Seventy Doug Patterson and his wife Donna shared with the saints at Mount Ayr Restoration Branch.  Doug taught the adult class on the pattern of three and one, the fingerprint of God, as well as sharing his testimony about the organizing of the quorum of Seventy.  His class recording is available, CLICK HERE, as an audio mp3 file and all are encouraged to carefully consider it.  Doug also brought ministry in the spoken word during the morning service.

Seventy Patrick McKay Ministers at Mount Ayr Branch

On September 19, 2010 Seventy Patrick McKay and his wife Joy shared with the saints at Mount Ayr Restoration Branch.  Patrick taught the adult class on the Antiquity of the Gospel.  His presentation is available, CLICK HERE, as a pdf file and all are encouraged to carefully consider it.  He sheds forth light on how the gospel of Christ went forth from the cross to impact all of creation.

Trip to East St Louis

Tim Canfield and Frank Frye will be traveling to East St. Louis Sunday Oct. 17 to give ministry to a small congregation there.

We've been asked to speak about the Book of Mormon.
"In God we trust"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

U.S. West Missionary Trip

Seventy George Thomas and Seventy Joe Essary will begin an 8 state missionary trip at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota on October 16th. They have also scheduled visits in Lander, Wyoming where cottage meetings and a baptismal service are planned. Then it's on to Helena and Kalispell, Montana, Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, and stops in Oregon, California and Arizona before ending their trip in Denver, Colorado on November 5th. Please remember these brethren in your prayers.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Book of Mormon Festival - North

Saturday, October 23, 2010
9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Dewitt Charter Township Community Center
16101 Brook Road
Lansing, MI 48906

Each church of the Restoration shares a common belief in the divine authenticity of the Book of Mormon. No single group of Latter Day Saints have exclusive or "privileged access" to this record.

The primary testimony of the Book of Mormon is "That Jesus is the Christ, the eternal God, manifesting Himself unto all nations....."

This Book of Mormon Festival is meant to enlarge our belief in and appreciation for this book, as well as those who embrace its teachings.

Through linguistics, theology, anthropology, as well as cultural, historical and prophetic trajectories of the Book of Mormon, the listeners will be offered a new prism through which to view this remarkable record.

You are invited to come and hear speakers from a variety of backgrounds share their understandings and appreciation of the Book of Mormon. Their presentations include the following subjects:

* The Book of Mormon, A dynamic, unfolding model of revelation and a harbinger of things to come.
* The Curse, Quetzalcotl.
* The words of Jesus Christ from the Book of Mormon.

Seventy Ronald L. Johnson, Jr.
Phone: 517-376-2486

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 Young Priests and 2 Seventy Bring Ministry in California

Priest Joseph Micah Bates

My brother Jonah and I arrived in San Diego early this morning. After a quick lunch we accompanied Seventy George Thomas and his friend Ken and went out fishing for men at a pier near the Navy base. Jonah met a young man named Josh that first day and shared testimonies and the Restored gospel with him for more than an hour. We then moved on to the next pier a little to the north and conversed with many people about the Lord, but our efforts did not seem fruitful here.

The next day we went fishing again, and after being unsuccessful with my first few contacts I met two young men, Andy and Dan. They had been recently introduced to Jesus and had turned their lives around. Andy is an ex-convict. We shared many wonderful testimonies with them and we were surprised when we realized we’d been there for a couple of hours. We then joined George and Seventy Joe Essary, who had just arrived, for lunch. We discussed our successes and failures of the morning and then went fishing again in the afternoon.
The next day we fished in the morning, until Joe joined us and we went to visit Herman, an Elder who is getting on in years. We had a beautiful visit and Joe volunteered to come and pick up Herman to take him to church on Sunday.

We next visited two of George’s brothers. The first brother loaned us a cooler and the second brother let us pick oranges and avocados from trees in his backyard and they were amazing.

George then took us up the mountain to an observatory. Unfortunately it was closed, but the view and the drive up the mountain were amazing.

Stopping at a restaurant later for dinner, we met a young African-American couple who approached us for financial assistance, but when they learned we were missionaries they got very excited and told us they were Messianic Jews. George sat them down and bought dinner for them and we shared testimonies until the restaurant closed and we had to leave. We shared our contact information and I pray they will come in contact with the Restored gospel again sometime in the future.

On Friday we picked out another pier for fishing for men, but received a call from Lovely, a lady we were going to visit later in the day. She had recently had surgery and was in a lot of pain and was going back to the hospital. We went immediately to see her and George administered to her. We then went to Lovely’s grandaughter’s home and had an incredible meeting with Yolanda and her husband Luis who were very excited that we were there. We shared testimonies and discussed the gospel and then George asked about Seventy Joe Essary not being allowed to bring ministry in their branch since his ordination and Luis said he did not agree with that, and they said how much they missed Joe’s ministry. We were then introduced to Yolanda’s friend Elexis and her baby son Isaac. Elexis was raised Catholic and her mother was pressuring her to have her baby baptized, but Elexis was not comfortable with that, not wanting her son joining a church before he could make his own decision. Jonah and I were able to share scriptures that tell us babies have no need of baptism and we also shared about the ordinance of baby blessing. She asked if we could bless her baby and right there in the living room, George blessed baby Isaac. There was an incredible portion of the Holy Spirit that was poured out upon us in that house. We left there and drove up into the mountains, more than 5,000 feet above sea level to Joe and Pat’s home. It was a beautiful drive and we did not arrive until late evening.

The next day we visited George’s oldest brother and shared testimonies with he and his wife and they loved them. It was a wonderful experience and George’s brother had many exciting stories as he is an accomplished hunter and pilot and has led a very eventful life.

On Sunday we went to church in the early afternoon because the people come from many different places. We met in the home of a young family and it was a wonderful group. We lingered there as long as we could, but finally had to leave due to the time.

Joe and Pat took us out to dinner at a kind of “knight” and “king” type of restaurant and it was really fun.

During the next week we visited many people that have not had contact with the church in many years. One day, Jonah and I went out to fish at a place called Arrowhead Lake. There I met a man from Hawaii and we had a nice visit about the gospel. I learned he was a Mormon and he was there because his wife is there for cancer surgery. There on the waterfront, we prayed together for his wife and family.

We made it back to El Cajon for a visit in the home where we had been before. While there we met Elexis’ sister Angelica and we were able to share the gospel with her from the very beginning and it was absolutely one of the most incredible experiences of my life. We later visited Mary in an assisted living home.

Returning to Joe and Pat’s house we started our journey back across the country, staying in the home of a Nepalese family in Denver where we were able to share the gospel.

We made it home to Missouri safely and the Lord blessed us all along the way.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thomases and Woolerys Visit St. Louis, and Depauw and Carlisle, IN

By Rita and Eric Woolery

September 2010

We picked up Seventy George Thomas and his wife Jeanette at their home in Missouri for our trip to Indiana on a beautiful Fall day. The sky was very blue and the sun pleasantly warm. We stopped occasionally to stretch our legs, or buy gasoline or food. We rejoiced in God’s blessings that allowed us to complete other responsibilities in our places of work and in our homes in order to make this trip.

We shared testimonies of God’s goodness and made plans for bringing ministry before arriving in Carlisle, Indiana, where we stayed in the home of a young family of seven. We were joined by other members of the family who came to the house. Some of these family members had been baptized in the Mormon and Community of Christ churches. That evening we shared a gracious meal that had been prepared by our hosts and dinner was followed by a pleasant evening of discussion and fellowship.
Eric and George visited with the young men about how they became interested in the church and their desires for the church in their area. Jeanette taught the young women how to make applesauce while Rita taught the children songs.

We were invited to stay in their home and in the home of their parents, next door. and were blessed to share with the children during their pre-bedtime prayers.

We departed the next morning after breakfast, with a standing invitation for other saints to visit in their home and a request for study materials for their children.

We saw some great scenery, including beautiful forests and rock formations, before arriving at our next stop, the home of more wonderful saints, in Depauw, Indiana. In the home where we visited, the mother and 16 year old son are church members, while the father is not. Another family member living near by, also visited with us in their home. We were invited to have dinner and we were hosted for the night.

The next morning was Sunday and we held services in a nearby home. Rita and Jeanette played the piano prior to Sunday School. A DVD, “8 Pillars of Evidence of the Book of Mormon” served as our Sunday School study. A prelude to the morning worship service was provided by Rita playing the piano and singing two solos. Eric and George both preached and shared testimonies and Jeanette accompanied the congregational singing on the piano.

A delicious potluck dinner provided additional opportunity for fellowship and sharing of the gospel. We departed in the afternoon, with invitations to return whenever we could.

Our next stop was in St. Louis where we visited in the home of some saints and had the opprotunity to share testimonies of the gospel. The saints requested a copy of the 8 Pillars DVD for study and for witnessing.

We departed St. Louis that evening, and our drive back to Oak Grove and then on to Independence gave us a wonderful opportunity to share about our experiences on this visit with the saints in Carlisle, Depauw and St. Louis.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Seventy George Thomas to Pine Ridge in South Dakota

Pine Ridge Reservation, Porcupine, SD July 2010

In the past, when I go to the reservation, I teach some classes and give away some Books of Mormon. Several months ago, during a class, I talked about having a personal experience with Jesus and the need to study, especially the Book of Mormon.

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call and a young mother had been studying the Book of Mormon with her mother and others and learned about Jesus blessing the children. She has a five month old son and was anxious to learn more about this and asked about having her son blessed. A celebration ceremony was to be planned for this blessing as well as a belated Father’s Day celebration. I was finally able to make the plans for my wife Jeanette and I to travel there in July. We arrived on Saturday to see a large tepee being erected. They had already put up some poles where tree branches were placed on top to provide shade. Jeanette visited with the ladies and helped care for some small children as more and more family and friends gathered for an evening feast. Then a holy man arrived to lead an all night prayer service, to begin at 10 PM and continue all through the night. Everyone prayed individually for family members named and for their special needs, whether it be for employment, physical healing, spiritual healing, marital problems, bad tempers, etc. Jeanette and I did not stay for the all night service due to our own health concerns and the fact we would be driving through the night on Sunday for our return home.

On Sunday morning I gave away two more Books of Mormon and a Bible as we discussed many topics, some in one on one conversations and some in small group discussions.
In the afternoon we were welcomed into the tepee, where I spoke about the purpose of having our children blessed. Jeanette shared her testimony, as a mother, about the joy and comfort we had experienced at having our children blessed and the assurance a mother has, knowing that God will help her care for and teach her children. The women here are usually silent, but on this occasion they openly showed their excitement at Jeanette’s testimony.

There were about 60 people present when I blessed the little one. Then after teaching for more than an hour, Jeanette and I were given a gift and we shared in another feast.

We were excited to learn that one of the women in the group was a former Mormon and she wants to learn more. She asked to be notified the next time ministers from the church come to Pine Ridge.
Before leaving, we shared some donated food, bedding and books that were distributed.