Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seventies Mark Deitrick & Ron Smith minister at Geneseo Retreat

Over one hundred people, from several branches and groups, attended the annual fall retreat at Geneseo, IL on October 8-10, 2010. It was a blessing to all in a weekend filled with fellowship and worship. Seventy Mark Deitrick taught the adult class on short notice since Seventy Dave Drummond was called away because of his brother Bud Drummond's heart attack. Bud has since passed on to receive his reward, so we ask prayers for the Drummond family. Seventy Ron Smith shared in a session on Missionary Work along with Seventy Ed Geiersbach from the Church of Christ Restored and Elder Doug Smith from Lexington Restoration Branch. The spoken word at the retreat was brought by High Priest Rob Rolfe and High Priest Sherman Phipps. Sister Donna Vickery received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and others received special blessing through the ordinance of administration during the special healing service. Overall, the Saints rejoiced in the many blessings received at the retreat.

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