Thursday, August 7, 2014

Seventy Gary Metzger Ministering in Honduras

(Sent August 6, 2014 ) Greetings from Honduras. The Lord has blessed me with many opportunities to share with the saints and be with my grieving family in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Honduras. Thanks to all for their prayers. My health is good and I have an important meeting this afternoon with some of the Honduran Priesthood. I pray for peace and light to be prevalent. Best wishes to all. I leave tomorrow at mid-day to return.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ron Smith's travels

We spent 3 wonderful weeks in North and South Carolina.  We met with saints in the Winston-Salem and Carey, NC areas for church services, and visited in a number of homes.  The saints in the Upstate Restoration Branch in Taylors, SC invited us to come on the weekend of June 14-15.  On Saturday, they had a nice dinner for us, and we visited for a long time before and after with a number of the Saints.  On Sunday morning, I taught the Sunday School class and preached.  There was a very good spirit there.  The whole congregation went to dinner at a nearby Hibachi Grill so that we could all sit at one table.

On this trip we felt especially blessed that the Lord had placed us at the right place and time.  One night we got a text asking us to visit a lady in the hospital at Gastonia, NC.  Her name is Antonia, and she had been in a diabetic coma for three days.  Josh Pederson is one of two young men who are currently studying Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico.  He met Antonia's brother, who expressed the desire for someone in North Carolina to go and administer to her.  Josh called his father in Independence, Missouri to see if there was any elder who could go.  One of Josh's good friends, Tyler Ramirez, had been asked to go to North Carolina with me, but had not been able to go.  Tyler remembered that I was there, so I got texted.  As it turned out, we were within 200 miles of Gastonia, and had nothing scheduled the next day, so we went to see Antonia.  We found her niece, and she took us to the intensive care ward of the hospital to see Antonia.  We found her awake and alert.  As the family spoke mostly Spanish, we sang a few Spanish songs and had a wonderful "Spanglish" conversation.  I administered to her, and we enjoyed a good spirit. At the end of our trip, we stopped by to see Antonia once again.  This time, she was not in the hospital, but had been moved to a rehabilitation center, so we know that she had improved a lot. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Ron Smith in North Carolina

Ron Smith and his wife Di have gone to North Carolina for a missionary trip.  Yesterday (June 1) we shared in the communion service in Winston-Salem held in the Alan Step home.  There were at least 19 in attendance. After the service, we enjoyed a pot luck.  In the evening, we shared in singing and scripture study with Daniel and Lauren Nixon in their home in Carrboro.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Mission Report 
Seventies Jim and Patrick McKay


   We traveled to St John, Kansas to meet with two elders from The Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonites).  This community was originally settled by William Bickerton and called Zion Valley.  He believed this was a Stake of Zion with a purpose of ministering to the American Indians, which their church likes to identify as the "Seed of Joseph."

   We spent several hours discussing the commonalities of our organizations and discussed the possibilities of healing the breach.  They offered some testimonies to us, which were new regarding the prophetic promise of this event-taking place. We spent the night and left rejoicing in finding those desirous to be yoked together in the cause of Zion.

Colorado (Colorado Springs)

   We continued our trip taking us to Colorado Springs to meet with a group of saints who are without any resident priesthood.  We stayed in the home of sister Cindy Webb.  We gathered several of the group for a class on the prophetic trajectory of the Book of Mormon and then continued to discuss the work with those in the home we stayed in.  On Sunday morning we again taught a class on the Letter's of Oliver Cowdery and the commencement of the latter day work.  We also occupied the pulpit and spoke on the power of faith.  Two asked for administration following the preaching, both testified of receiving a blessing, one was immediate.  We continued to discuss the angel message throughout the day and evening and moved on our journey Monday morning. Upon leaving, the group wanted to assist in our travel expense and made us a generous gift.


   We visited the Provo Campus of Brigham Young University and met with the Chair of the Ancient History Department and two of her colleagues.  They treated us to lunch and we were able to share seven testimonies regarding the healing of the breach in the Restoration.  They were amazed at what we shared and asked for copies of the testimonies.  We meet for 31/2 hours and at the end of our visit they expressed a desire to create a Book of Mormon Symposium Committee to produce a yearly Book of Mormon Festival.  Our impression of them and the greater Salt Lake Basin was somewhat paradoxical.  The LDS Church carries some beliefs which other portions of the Restoration do not embrace and have cause many to keep this Branch of the Restoration at arms length, yet they have seemingly an exhaustless amount of Book of Mormon Scholars who truly love this record and have blended their academic learning with their faith to testify of the books divine authenticity.  We were reminded of one of Joseph Smith III's revelation that "the places we occupy should shine as Zion the redeemed of the Lord," and witnessed that to a very large extent they have done this.  We realized they have created a system which has served their people well and has enabled them to grow the work with the understanding they posses.  We could see the blessing these saints will bring when the Lord moves to unite the Restoration.

Colorado  (Aurora)

   We returned to Colorado and met with the Rocky Mountain Restoration Branch.  They have two elders, although presently one is hospitalized and is in his ninetieth year.  We stayed in the home of the presiding elder, Brother Mark Nunn and his lovely wife, Sheri.  We had the opportunity to teach 3 classes, two dealing with the office work of the Book of Mormon and the other on the gospel of the kingdom which Jesus taught as recorded in the New Testament.  We preached on the atonement and the power to live our lives after the manner of happiness. Our discussion throughout the four days with these saints centered on the need to find common ground in the Restoration branches and prepare for the coming storm of judgment which is just before us.  We felt impressed in our visit that the hand of The Lord's protection over this land was soon to be removed.  These saints were active, hungry and ready to receive the ministry we were able to provide.


   The scattered saints are anxious for ministry; many feel exiled in their isolated areas and are looking for direction to prepare for the unfolding events that are now happening.  The need to remember the saints in the US should not be abandoned as opportunities present themselves for ministry in other parts of the world.  We have witnessed a general senses that the saints are troubled by our times and the condition of the church.  Hope should be our watchword as we seek to strengthen these faithful members in their remote condition. Many have not been able to retain their children following their displacement from the larger church with its various helps and governments. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baptisms in Chile

On April 20, 2014 there were two baptisms in the Peñaflor Branch in Chile. Pastor Erwin Schnettler performed the baptisms. Following are pictures of the beautiful setting. Oh how the heavens rejoice when a soul is brought under the holy covenant with Jesus Christ, Messiah and King. This branch has developed through the ministry of Seventy Nathan Sherer, Seventy Micah Bates and Elder Jonah Bates.

Seventy Arturo Gomez's Dream

On April 14, 2014 at sundown there was a shofar service held at the Temple Lot in Independence, Missouri. It was initiated by the Lord through Elder Aaron Taylor to herald the beginning of a special Passover; special because it is the first blood moon, of a tetrad of blood moons, where a lunar eclipse will occur on Hebrew Feast Days in 2014 and 2015. 

This shofar service was confirmed to be of the Lord through Seventy Arturo Gomez, who was shown the service in precise detail in a dream seven years prior. The Lord then told him not to share it until after the event occurred. 

Fulfillment of Dream given to Arturo Jose Gomez - March 2007
In my dream I saw I was with a small group of people at the temple lot in Independence, Missouri. We were all standing in the middle of the Temple Lot as the sun was setting on a clear day; but it was very cold outside.
Then a voice from heaven came as say,
“You see what you have in your hands?”
            Yes Lord, I have a horn in My hands.
“You see what they have in their hands?”
            I see two people with a horn; but one no have a horn.
I saw an older man with a walking stick and knew he was using it to point the direction where the horn going to blow.
The Lord say, When the time you see this happen, is going to be close to that time when the Lamani going to build My house. It will be a house of prayer, a house of meditation, a house consecration... and My presence going to be there.
But not tell nothing to nobody until what you saw is fulfilled.
After the trumpets blow, I and another elder I no recognize administered to one lady sitting in a chair on the grass at the Temple Lot site. I not know this lady either.
Praise the Lord, This dream was fulfilled this year on Passover eve, April 14, 2014, between the hours of 7 and 8 PM.
                                    Arturo Gomez, Seventy assigned to Central America

Furthermore, it was confirmed by the immediate healing of Sister Rebecca Humphrey's knee under the hands of administration, as part of the gathering. Let us carefully consider the importance of this time, and the need for labors to go forth and bring in the harvest.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Randy Vick testimony Part 1

Late in November 2013, I was in Kansas City to pick up supplies for my café. The restaurant supply store is located just off of I-670 on 12th Street, West of downtown Kansas City, near Kemper Arena. When I pick up supplies I want to get them to the café as soon as possible. This means taking I-670 East through downtown to I-70 East for about 40 miles to Mo. Hwy 13 South to the café. 

On this particular day, at a stop sign at the bottom of the onramp to I-670, I noticed two young men a distance away in a large open area under the elevated overpass, begging for money. Normally I would not pay them any attention at all and would probably mutter to myself, wondering (judging) why they were there rather than working for a living. As wrong as that attitude is, that is how I have come to feel about people who do that. This time was different. As I glanced at them I noticed the young white man not paying any attention to me, but the young black man looked at me and when we made eye contact I felt a touch of the Holy Spirit and felt sudden compassion for him. Then I did something I would never do. I reached for my wallet. Even from the considerable distance he could see what I was doing and walked to my truck. I rolled down my window, handed him some money and said, "God bless you!" I don't even remember if he said thank you, but it didn't matter, I just felt compassion for him. As I climbed the long onramp and headed East on I-670, the Holy Spirit continued with me and I found myself wondering how that young man came to be in that situation and I said a prayer for him. In a bit of a spirit induced daze, I was nearing the merge with I-70, and was in the far left of three lanes. Before getting to the I-70 merge, I came upon the exit to I-49/Hwy 71 South. Suddenly "something" urged me to take the exit onto Hwy 71. I had no reason to go that way, but I swerved across three lanes of traffic at the very last minute and headed South on 71. I had not gone far when I was flooded with the presence of the Holy Spirit. So much so that when an inaudible voice told me, "Plant a branch here." I did not question it. I knew it was the Lord and I immediately began asking the Lord where and how. I was scanning the neighborhoods on both sides of the highway, basking in the presence of the Spirit, while expecting the Lord to give me some indication of a particular neighborhood or a particular building that might be available. I had worked in these neighborhoods when I was a Special Agent for the State of Missouri, so was familiar with the general layout and condition of that part of town. I had not received any specific indication when I came to a traffic light at the intersection of Hwy 71 and Gregory Blvd and it was red. I was the first vehicle in line at the intersection and as I waited for the light to change to green, my attention was drawn to my left and I saw an older red brick church. It was a pleasant observation, but I glanced back at the light, waiting for the green. Again, my attention was drawn to that red brick church and I wondered if the Lord was trying to tell me something, as I continued to bask in the Spirit. The light changed and I started through the intersection when once again, "something" urged me to go to the church and just before getting through the intersection I made a sudden hard left turn onto Gregory Blvd. As I drove in front of the church I saw a signboard which read, Skylight MISSIONARY Baptist Church. Yes, the word missionary jumped out at me, but I also noted the word Baptist. Being a missionary myself, I felt a connection with that word in the name of the congregation, but at the same time I realized that Baptists are not generally enamored with the Book of Mormon, so how could this be a lead in the "plant a branch here" instruction I had received? I knew I had to stop and pray, so I pulled into the parking lot behind the church. In my prayer I acknowledged the Lord had brought me to the church, and I asked Him what I was supposed to do next. Lynn Ridenhour's name came to my mind and I knew it was the answer to my question. I had never met Bro. Lynn, but we had had limited email contact in the past and I knew he was a Baptist pastor who believes in the Book of Mormon. I was given to know that Bro. Lynn could probably find someone to contact the pastor of this church and help me connect with him. Believing I had received an answer to my prayer, I left the parking lot and drove to the front of the church to write down the information from the signboard. I wrote the name of the church and the service times and as I read and wrote the name of the pastor, Rev. Troy Walker, the Holy Spirit, which had not left me, poured over me in greater power and it was made known to me that Rev Walker is a servant of God, a man the Lord is pleased with and I am very anxious to meet him. 

Continuing South on Hwy 71, the Holy Spirit continued with me in such power that I felt a pressure in my chest to the extent I was short of breath. I had to share the experience with someone, so I called Bro. Doug Patterson and related my experience to him. He confirmed the experience was of the Lord, and he said the Lord had also given him Lynn Ridenhour's name as I was sharing my testimony with him. Then he told me the Lord was telling him something else, that this was something for "right now," not to be put off, or planned for the future. 

I called Sr. Joy Muir who was able to give me Bro. Lynn's number. I called and shared my experience with him, and he too confirmed it was of the Lord and asked if we could meet and talk in person. A couple days later we met in Warrensburg and visited for two hours. He was very excited about the possibilities and thought he knew someone who could contact the pastor. 

A couple weeks later, Rev Walker called and left a message on my voicemail. I felt an assurance when I heard his voice and when I called him the Holy Spirit poured over both of us and we had a marvelous visit. He was anxious to meet and hear my testimony in person, but was leaving Kansas City the next day for a Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta. He assured me he would call me when he returned to Kansas City. 

I did not hear from him for several weeks and when I called there was no answer and I did not get a voicemail option. I wondered if he had learned I was a Book of Mormon believer and had decided not to meet with me. I also considered that he might have lost my number. I posted a message on Skylight's FB page but there was no reply. 

Then one day while on my way to Kansas City I felt prompted to call Rev Walker again. He answered and when he realized it was me he became very excited, praising the Lord for my call, telling me he had lost my number and he and his congregation had been praying I would call. With another outpouring of the Holy Spirit we agreed to meet a few days later at his church.

When we met, it was as if we had been friends and brothers for years. Once again the Holy Spirit was poured out on us as we prayed together and visited. I was able now to share my testimony with him in person and he rejoiced at the Lord's involvement in bringing us together. During our conversation I mentioned being a Book of Mormon believer and while later in the conversation he told me he had not been aware of that, it changed nothing in the presence of the Holy Spirit or in our feelings about each other, or our belief that the Lord was in this. I told him I did not feel it was my calling now to convert him to a belief in the Book of Mormon, but I believed the Lord wanted us to work together to share His gospel and Rev. Walker readily agreed, also voicing his desire for us to work together.
Neither of us knows where this journey will take us, but we agree the Lord is leading us and we will try to follow where He leads. Rev Walker said he wants our branch to come and worship with his congregation and he would like for his congregation to come to Warrensburg and worship with our branch. When I mentioned I would be in the city in two weeks he invited me to come and worship with them. I asked if I could bring a few of my Seventy brethren (we would be meeting for a Seventy retreat) and he said he would be honored if we would come.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Randy Vick testimony, Part 2

What an amazing day of worship we had with our new brothers and sisters at Skylight Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City. 20 members of the East Gate Restoration Branch along with 8 other Restoration Saints from the KC/Independence area attended the joint worship service. We were welcomed with open arms and blessed in our worship and fellowship. Our pastor, Elder Bruce Vickery, Seventy George Thomas and Bishop Randy Porrett joined Skylight pastor Rev. Troy Walker to bring the word of God to those in attendance. The Holy Spirit was present in great power and a real spiritual bond is developing between this branch of Restoration Saints and congregation of Baptists.
Prior to the start of the 11 AM worship service, everyone gathered at the base of the rostrum and while everyone held hands and bowed their heads, Elder Bruce Vickery offered a prayer for all. The congregational choir then provided some inspiring music. Not what we're accustomed to in our services, but very uplifting and joyful and enjoyed by all. 

Rev Walker invited Seventy George Thomas to speak first and he shared testimonies of some of his missionary experiences and spoke about how God will protect us, be with us and guide us to those who need to hear about Jesus Christ, if we ask Him.

Bishop Randy Porrett spoke about the office of Bishop and shared about how God will put us in a place and a situation where we can help those in need and will provide a way for us to help, if we ask Him. 

Elder Bruce Vickery spoke of how God will bless us and meet our needs, and used a healing through administration testimony as an example of the possibilities, if we ask Him. All three messages were well received and fit perfectly together. 

Rev Walker shared several testimonies of how God redirected his life and called him to the ministry. His sermon detailed how isolation, (alone time/one on one time with Jesus Christ), prioritization, (learning to put God first in our lives), collaboration, (learning to work together to do God's work), organization, (allowing us to do things more efficiently) and delegation, (letting people with gifts and callings do those things God has for us to do). He called three young people forward, (2 of his congregants and one of the Restorationists) and positioning them and himself as actors, he illustrated how Jesus had delegated his disciples to obtain what food they could find to feed the multitude. They received 2 fishes and 5 loaves from a young boy and brought them to Jesus. Jesus offered them to God who multiplied them. Rev Walker noted that Jesus did not then distribute the many loaves and fishes to the multitude, but delegated his disciples to do so, teaching them to serve the people. After the multitude was fed, 12 baskets of loaves and fishes remained and the disciples were directed to give those back to the boy resulting in a wonderful increase for the boy who had given all the loaves and fishes he had. 

Following the two hour worship service there was great fellowship as members of both congregations hugged each other and visited happily with one another. 

It was agreed by all that the East Gate Restoration Branch will now arrange to host the members of the Skylight Missionary Baptist Church in Warrensburg in the not too distant future.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Orissa Kui Church in India 2014 Annual Conference

Greetings. I am glad to share a  few pictures taken during the Orissa Kui church annual conference, you can see the people sitting during the worship services, their singing, cooking, eating  and also some of the senior ministers etc. Hope you enjoy them.

Thank you  for upholding us in your prayers.

Regards, Fellow Servant,
Bro. Ananda Rao

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mount Ayr Branch Retreat at Jericho Hills

The Mount Ayr, Iowa Restoration branch had a Sprit filled retreat this weekend at Jericho Hills, a church campground in Lucas, Iowa. Seventy Ron Smith attended and led the campfire on Saturday night. The theme was "Ambassadors for Christ."  We had classes on our call to be ambassadors for Christ, led by High Priest Alan Smith, and on making our homes into embassies, led by Karen Bates.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seventy Minister in Baptist Church

Sunday morning February 9, 2014

Brother Randy Vick had shared with the brethren during our weekend retreat of a prompting of the Spirit that took place in Kansas City during the fall of 2013.  This experience lead him to a Baptist Church located near Gregory and 71 Hwy.  Contacts were made with the pastor of this congregation and after several months a scheduled  visit to this assembly arranged for Sunday the 9th/.

Brothers Vick, Mbanaso and Jim McKay arrived near the conclusion of the mornings Sunday school class.  Brother Randy was asked to close that portion of their services with a word of prayer as the congregation gathered near the front of the sanctuary while holding hands.  After a brief break the preaching hour began with the three of us invited to the rostrum.  Brother Jim was asked to offer a word of prayer near the beginning of this part of the worship.  There were in attendance 50 plus member of the body on a very cold, wintery day.  Reverend Troy then invited each of us to speak.  Brother Randy shared with those in attendance the experience that lead to our visit that morning.  Brother Hensley then spoke followed by brother Jim.  Each of us found the blessing of the Spirit in the time we occupied.  As the service neared it completion a young man approached the rostrum specifically asking for Brother Jim to pray for him.  After a brief discussion with Reverend Troy, Brother Jim made some remarks to the congregation about the ordinance as outlined in James the fifth chapter.  Brother Jim anointed with Brother Randy confirming and Brother Hensley also assisting.  It was a new experience for all of us and not necessarily understanding just where the Lord is leading or desiring, but we can all testify of the presence of the Spirit that attended our ministries and the warmth of love that greeted us by Reverend Troy and his congregation.   
We trust that opportunities such as this will follow the Lord's servants wherever they labor and encourage the children of men to press into the Kingdom.

We humbly submit this brief report, your servants in Christ

Brothers Randy, Hensley and Jim 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seventy Retreat

February 7-9, 2014

The Restoration Seventy gathered in Independence Missouri to spend a weekend in fellowship, instruction and worship.  Four of our brethren from foreign lands were able to join us for the entire weekend, enriching our activities as well as our love for each other.  Each day was begun and ended in worship with classes of instruction presented in between.  Fellowship permeated from beginning to close and travel to and from our homes each day. We were especially blessed to have Brother Fred Greene join us for our Saturday morning sacrament service then to sit under his ministry as he shared his hope and vision for the Seventy as well as the upcoming conference as we seek to unify the saints and grow the work of the Kingdom. Sunday morning after worship and a period of instruction the brethren will travel to share with some of the branches as well as one of the local branches of the Restoration Church and a group of us will worship with a congregation of committed followers of Christ in the inner city of Kansas City.

We would like to express our gratitude and thankfulness to the Restoration Church for the use of their building.  They have not only provided a permanent office for the Seventy, a sound studio for the development of important materials to enhance our work, but they have offered their facility for our gatherings.  God bless these brothers and sister who see the hope of the coming Kingdom and the need to become unified. 

We rejoice in and for the work of the Latter Days and the privilege that we have been given to labor for our Lord and wait upon the children of men that the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ might be proclaimed unto the ends of the earth.  We would invite all to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him, preparing ourselves and each other for those things that are coming upon the inhabitants of the earth.  A day of trouble, but a day of rejoicing and fulfillment.  We lift a warning voice, prepare ye, prepare ye for the Bride Groom cometh.

Your Servants in Christ Jesus, The Restoration Seventy

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Testimony of Jimmy Rosales

I Jimmy Rosales (of Rancangua Chile) would like to share my testimony.  The Lord showed me in a dream the bad things that were going to happen to me if I did not search Him out and did not leave all the bad and begin to preach in His name.  In this same dream I knelt down and asked him for forgiveness for all my sins.  When I awoke I felt a great necessity to begin to preach in His name, just like I felt in my dream.  During this same morning and even at work that desire continued to grow. I told myself, "today I am going to start to do the work of the Lord." That same day after getting home from work I got my family together. I shared with them that the Lord had called me. In that moment we began to pray and asked God that He would help and support our faith that we would separate ourselves from everything bad and he would put us on our path that the Holy Ghost would guide us. Amen and Amen. 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Restoration Seventy Retreat in Independence

The men of the Restoration Seventy are gathering the weekend of February 7-9 in Independence, Missouri for a retreat. This gathering will include worship, classes and discussions groups. They will concentrate their study on the covenant nature of the gospel, developing a vision for the missionary work and reviewing the Lord's instruction to the first group of Seventy in Luke 10.

Patriarch Fred Greene has been invited to lead a discussion on Saturday morning on the visioning process and will help the Seventy develop vision plans to present at the April General Conference. We are expecting Seventy from India, Belize, Mexico, Nigeria and the United States to attend.

The weather in Independence is cold and snowy, but we are looking forward to warm fellowship together and with the Lord Jesus Christ during the retreat.

Gary Whiting