Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ron Smith to go to East Africa

I will begins a trip to East Africa in the morning (Monday, December 30). I am flying to Rwanda to begin the trip.  Current plans are to go to Uganda for a few days.  Doug Smith and Chris Capps will be joining me next week, and  we will visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  Please pray for us.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seventy George Mefferd and Elder Kent Pedersen go to Nauvoo

Seventy George Mefferd and Elder Kent Pedersen went to Nauvoo, Illinois, the weekend of July 12th through the 14th. Our purpose for witnessing of the Restoration there was to make known among the towns' people that the Restoration Cornerstone of Zion Branch is now meeting in the Nauvoo Visitor's Center and that the Restoration Story is presented on a regular basis. The Center was the point from which we passed out flyers to the people passing by. We gave tracts to those we met on the streets, and to the many we encountered in various stores, shops, and establishments as we moved about the town. Our visit in Nauvoo came during the time of the Mormon Pageant, which they hold every year.

During one of our walks around town, we met Steve, the proprietor of the Nauvoo Christian Visitor's Center. We had heard that he was the leader of an effort to draw away people from the Pageant and the LDS faith in Nauvoo. We purposely visited his store to share with him about the Bible he holds as truth, to discuss with him who we are, and to ask him to not categorize us with the LDS. He now knows whom we—the Restoration Branches—are and that we are not connected with the LDS. He was very pleasant to us, but was happy to see us leave.

George taught two classes on Saturday afternoon: The Apostasy and the Restoration, and The Book of Mormon Evidences. Not many came to the classes, but one LDS man, whom we had met at the Red Brick Store, stopped for the first class, and two LDS Elders came to the Evidences class. Kent preached on Sunday morning, sharing his testimony about who Jesus Christ is.

We feel that our weekend was a good beginning in an effort to make the Nauvoo Visitor's Center known, and to advertise its purpose and use. We made available in the Center, and gave out tracts on the Book of Mormon: Who Authored the Book of Mormon? Who was the Bearded White God who Appeared to the Ancient Indians? Language in the Book of Mormon, and Our Basic Restoration Beliefs.  We also handed out tri-folds on the Apostasy and the Restoration, The Three Kinds of Christian Churches, and Who Are Saints.

We feel our next effort in Nauvoo should be done soon. We need to get names and addresses of RLDS members who at one time attended the Branch there, and send in a group of those willing to go for witnessing to them. George has talked to Dave Drummond about doing that. We are impressed with the dedication and hard work of Sister Jammie Herring. She is the heart and soul of the Center for now.

God bless the efforts to witness Jesus Christ and the Great and Marvelous Work.

Seventy George Mefferd

Elder Kent Pedersen



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seventy Dave Drummond Camp Ministry & Lord's Counsel

Seventy Dave Drummond has been very busy this summer ministering at several camps.  He was camp pastor at Seventy Reunion, then preached, presided, and taught the adult class at both the Main Reunion and Independence District Reunion.  

While at the Maine Reunion Br. Drummond received counsel from the Lord; and, although it was primarily given to the Saints attending the Maine reunion, he understood it to also be for all the Saints, so it is shared herein.  Following is the counsel,

"To those of my people who have gathered here at this place.  Hear the voice of the Lord to you.

I am not well pleased with the condition of the church.  Many of my priesthood fail to lead with a purity of heart, as becoming my Holy Servants.  Many murmur of the things of the earth, and small perceived slights.  Judge not others who seek to serve, lest you be judged with the same judgment.  

You have covenanted with me to serve the people.  If you will love and serve, even as I have loved, you will receive of my power to restore many who have been lost to me, and many who have not received the fullness of my gospel, will hear and obey.  Great will be your joy.

To the people of my church.  I say look up and live.  The Kingdom is yours.  Faint not, neither fall to the wayside of discouragement.  Lo the time of the fulfillment of my word draws nigh.  Place your trust in me, not in the arm of flesh.  Keep my commandments and fear not.  My wrath will fall upon the wicked.  But remember my promise is sure to all that obey."

2000 Strong Youth for Christ, Book of Mormon Camp

Seventies Neil Simmons, Ron Smith and Rick Kohn were staff members at 2000 Strong Youth for Christ camp, held in Anna, TX, at the 400 acre YMCA Collin County Adventure Camp.  The 2013 camp theme was "Put on the armor or righteousness…shake off the chains by which ye are bound.” [2 Nephi 1:38, 39]

“2000 Strong Youth for Christ is a non-profit 501C3 organization dedicated to teaching the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to young people from all walks of life.  Everyone associated with 2000 Strong believes in the truth of the Book of Mormon and Holy Bible as witnesses of the divinity of Jesus Christ…” 
Camp Staff
The camp focuses on worship, scriptural study, fellowship, physical activities and just plain ordinary clean fun.

With a common platform of the Book of Mormon, the camp attracts youth from many of the restoration groups including: Community of Christ, Latter Day Saint, Restoration Branches, and, youth who may not yet be affiliated with any restoration movement or, are in spiritually divided households. 

Patriarch Fred Greene (Camp Pastor)
taught Book of Mormon classes to the Jr High group while Neil Simmons simultaneously taught six classes and shared many inspiring testimonies to the other age groups and staff. 
Neil’s classes were well attended by up to 43 participants per class.  Ron Smith, who traveled to camp with his granddaughter, provided musical ministry as he strummed his guitar at campfires and the talent show. 
Rick Kohn provided counseling to several youth and gave an interactive presentation on Saturday evening which included a time for testimony on the subject of the presentation entitled “Does God still speak to us today?”  He shared many of his personal examples with emphasis on the need to be “tuned to the right channel, in order to hear Him speak.”  Nearly 75 adults and youth heard the message given just before the talent show and photo slideshow of the week at camp.  Camp closed on Sunday morning following the inspirational dedication service presided over by Fred Greene.

Seventy Rick Kohn felt spirit led to participate in this camp, as part of his domestic missionary calling, following a 2008 meeting in Grapevine, TX with several of the organizations board members. 
He received confirmation to engage in this ministry while at the General Conference in April, 2013 during a conversation with Chris Taylor, the camp director.  The insight given is our need to nurture the youth and expand the availability of this camp experience to many more in the restoration.  Perhaps through regionalization at like facilities. 

In his closing remarks, Br Kohn told the group:  “The youth are the lifeblood of the church.  It is you who must take on this charge.  It is you who must shoulder the yoke.”   This statement followed the sharing of message * received by Br Kohn and his understanding of its broader applicability.  Br Kohn explained in part: “…we must build bridges between all of the fractions.  We must become unified.  We must set aside our doctrinal differences, stop quibbling and focus on Jesus Christ.  Then, we can move forward as the body of Christ.  Then, and only then, will we achieve Zion and the Kingdom.”
2013 Campers

* You (the Seventy) must cease being judgmental.  You must stand in their shoes.  Forgive and welcome with open arms, least you cannot be MY true servant(s.)  November 6, 2009; 4:45pm.

Seventy Micah Bates & Others to Kenya

Seventy Micah Bates, along with his brother Elder Jonah Bates and wife Morgan, left for Kenya on July 29th to minister for three weeks.  Please keep these young ministers in your prayers.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some Lost Sheep Reclaimed

Seventy Richard Kohn continues his personal call to find the Lost Sheep. In May 2013, John Edwards returned to the fold and was ordained to the office of Elder by Seventies Bob Elrod and Richard Kohn.  The Lord was clearly present, bearing witness of the call and His pleasure in John's, and his family's, response. Brother Kohn was especially directed in a portion of the charge given prior to the ordination, and those present testified of the Lord's presence when it was shared.  This portion reads as follows,

"Elders are spiritual ministers, the pastors, the chief shepherd in all the ordinances and functions of the church.  Versus the Seventies who are traveling missionaries under the direct supervision of the Quorum of Twelve.  We are, in fact Elders set aside for this specific function. John, you have accepted this call to the office of Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ, Restoration Branches.  The Lord recognizes that you have struggled over these past years.  Your return to His service pleases Him.  He knows that you are now ready to assume the mantle He has called you to serve him under.  Wear it with dignity.  Wear it in humility and serve Him with reverence.  Help Him build the Kingdom."

For more information about John, please read Seventy Richard Kohn's article printed in the April 2013 Beacon.  Following are some pictures taken at the ordination service, where 21 people were present.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Open Letter from the Restoration Seventy

The First Quorum of Restoration Seventy, on April 22, 2013, issued an open letter declaring their service to Jesus Christ in valiant testimony of His restored gospel, and bringing forth of the Book of Mormon, through the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. Click Here to see the letter. Visitors are encouraged to make the letter available to others with interest in this work.

The Seventy ask for continued support in your prayers; that greater unity might be achieved among the Restoration movement; that the work might continue and prosper; that many souls might be brought unto Jesus, the name above all names.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Great News from General Conference 2013!

God has moved once again in our midst. The Council of Presidents of Seventy has been filled with the ordination of Seventy Patrick McKay and Seventy Nathan Sherer as Presidents of Seventy.
In addition, God has called more laborers to the vineyard with the ordination of Elder Chris Pederson (US)and Elder Micah Bates (US) to the office of Seventy, who along with Seventy Ananda Rao (India) and Seventy Ed Geiersbach (US) have been added to the First Quorum of Restoration Seventy. The call to the office of Seventy of Elder Stephen Gardee (Liberia) was approved by the General Conference and he will be ordained and added to the Quorum at the earliest opportunity.
So we continue on the journey to which He has called us; Taking His message of hope to a world that hungers and thirsts for the salvation of Jesus Christ. Praise God for His love, His mercy and His grace!