Monday, July 23, 2012

Eric Odida and I spent two wonderful days in Naivasha with Elder Nelson Mutahi, his wife Elizabeth.  They were forced to leave their home in Sotik during the violence following the last elections in Kenya. Nelson testified about the wonderful hand of the Lord over his family during those terrible days when they had to take refuge in the police station in Sotik.  When the shooting started, they had to leave their home without food, blankets, or water, and only what they could carry in their hands for their children.  He testified how God provided water and milk each day.  One day, when one of the children asked for andazi (a fried pastry), Nelson went out to see if he could find some.  All the shops had been looted, and there were none to be had. On his return to the police station, he helped a lady carry a load of packages to her home.  When she arrived, she opened one of the packages, and gave him a whole bag of mandazi (the plural of andazi). A year later, when Nelson was able to return to his house, he found that nothing had been taken. To his knowledge, his was the only house not looted of everything valuable.  The family now resides in Naivasha, where they have been totally isolated from the church.  Friday, Nelson invited several acquaintances into his home for Eric and I to visit.  One young man who works in the prison there was very attentive.  He went home and told his wife about what was being said.  They brought their family to visit on Saturday, and we spent the majority of the day talking about the scriptures. We were scheduled to return to Narobi on Saturday night, but decided to stay over so that we could take Joel and Nelson to church in Nairobi on Sunday morning. I did the Sunday School class, and then preached, and then we had a baby blessing.  At about 2:00, we went back to the Odida's for a wonderful dinner, and then sent Joel and Nelson back to Naivasha. It sounds like the two families are planning to meet together on a regular basis. Please pray for them.  In the evening, I had the opportunity to go out with James Yogo and David Omollo, both of whom are Priests, to visit with the saints of the Jacaranga branch.  I gave a class on the kingdom of God in David's home, with seven of the members, asked a blessing on another home, and visited with James' wife, Ruth, at her vegetable stand.
Today we are going to head upcountry to Nyamabagege, where Elder Michael Onyego, the soapstone carver, lives. We are just waiting for the insurance company to deliver the insurance for Eric's car.  It expired two days ago, while we were in Naivasha.  Had we been stopped at any of the police check points on our way back to Nairobi, there would have been a big fine, and probably jail time, as Eric and I did not have enough money between us to pay. Thank you, Lord!
Please pray for the new little group in Naivasha, and all the saints.
Ron Smith

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ron Smith goes to Kenya

I am currently working in Kenya, East Africa. I arrived in Nairobi Wednesday night.  I am traveling with Eric Odida to Naivasha today to meet with a group of people who have not yet heard the Restored Gospel.  The plan is to meet with them for two days, and then return to Nairobi for Sunday services, after which we will go to Western Kenya to meet with a number of groups, both old and new.  We would appreciate your prayers.
Ron Smith