Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Open Letter from the Restoration Seventy

The First Quorum of Restoration Seventy, on April 22, 2013, issued an open letter declaring their service to Jesus Christ in valiant testimony of His restored gospel, and bringing forth of the Book of Mormon, through the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. Click Here to see the letter. Visitors are encouraged to make the letter available to others with interest in this work.

The Seventy ask for continued support in your prayers; that greater unity might be achieved among the Restoration movement; that the work might continue and prosper; that many souls might be brought unto Jesus, the name above all names.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Great News from General Conference 2013!

God has moved once again in our midst. The Council of Presidents of Seventy has been filled with the ordination of Seventy Patrick McKay and Seventy Nathan Sherer as Presidents of Seventy.
In addition, God has called more laborers to the vineyard with the ordination of Elder Chris Pederson (US)and Elder Micah Bates (US) to the office of Seventy, who along with Seventy Ananda Rao (India) and Seventy Ed Geiersbach (US) have been added to the First Quorum of Restoration Seventy. The call to the office of Seventy of Elder Stephen Gardee (Liberia) was approved by the General Conference and he will be ordained and added to the Quorum at the earliest opportunity.
So we continue on the journey to which He has called us; Taking His message of hope to a world that hungers and thirsts for the salvation of Jesus Christ. Praise God for His love, His mercy and His grace!