Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Restoration Seventy at Book of Mormon Festival in Michigan

Seventies Frank Frye and Patrick McKay traveled to the Lansing, Michigan area to participate in a Book of Mormon Festival on Saturday, October 24th, organized by Seventy Ron Johnson. Other participants included members from the Church of Christ Restored, the Church of Christ (Temple Lot) and the Community of Christ. This was part of an ongoing attempt to use the Book of Mormon to try and create common ground with these other portions of the Restoration, anticipating the time when the Restoration can be sewn back together.
Brother McKay gave a presentation dealing with the revelatory nature of the Book of Mormon and its forecasting of future events. Brother Frye discussed eight pillars of the Book of Mormon such as Modern Testimonies, Internal Evidences, Pre Columbian Manuscripts, Archeology and Bible Prophecy, etc. He also shared insights regarding Quetzalcoatl and how the historical record verifies he was Jesus Christ. The other presentations concerned the Words of Christ in the Book of Mormon, DNA Evidences and the meaning of the Curse placed on the Lamanites.

Seventy Patrick McKay

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