Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seventy Minister in Baptist Church

Sunday morning February 9, 2014

Brother Randy Vick had shared with the brethren during our weekend retreat of a prompting of the Spirit that took place in Kansas City during the fall of 2013.  This experience lead him to a Baptist Church located near Gregory and 71 Hwy.  Contacts were made with the pastor of this congregation and after several months a scheduled  visit to this assembly arranged for Sunday the 9th/.

Brothers Vick, Mbanaso and Jim McKay arrived near the conclusion of the mornings Sunday school class.  Brother Randy was asked to close that portion of their services with a word of prayer as the congregation gathered near the front of the sanctuary while holding hands.  After a brief break the preaching hour began with the three of us invited to the rostrum.  Brother Jim was asked to offer a word of prayer near the beginning of this part of the worship.  There were in attendance 50 plus member of the body on a very cold, wintery day.  Reverend Troy then invited each of us to speak.  Brother Randy shared with those in attendance the experience that lead to our visit that morning.  Brother Hensley then spoke followed by brother Jim.  Each of us found the blessing of the Spirit in the time we occupied.  As the service neared it completion a young man approached the rostrum specifically asking for Brother Jim to pray for him.  After a brief discussion with Reverend Troy, Brother Jim made some remarks to the congregation about the ordinance as outlined in James the fifth chapter.  Brother Jim anointed with Brother Randy confirming and Brother Hensley also assisting.  It was a new experience for all of us and not necessarily understanding just where the Lord is leading or desiring, but we can all testify of the presence of the Spirit that attended our ministries and the warmth of love that greeted us by Reverend Troy and his congregation.   
We trust that opportunities such as this will follow the Lord's servants wherever they labor and encourage the children of men to press into the Kingdom.

We humbly submit this brief report, your servants in Christ

Brothers Randy, Hensley and Jim 

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