Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Randy Vick testimony, Part 2

What an amazing day of worship we had with our new brothers and sisters at Skylight Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City. 20 members of the East Gate Restoration Branch along with 8 other Restoration Saints from the KC/Independence area attended the joint worship service. We were welcomed with open arms and blessed in our worship and fellowship. Our pastor, Elder Bruce Vickery, Seventy George Thomas and Bishop Randy Porrett joined Skylight pastor Rev. Troy Walker to bring the word of God to those in attendance. The Holy Spirit was present in great power and a real spiritual bond is developing between this branch of Restoration Saints and congregation of Baptists.
Prior to the start of the 11 AM worship service, everyone gathered at the base of the rostrum and while everyone held hands and bowed their heads, Elder Bruce Vickery offered a prayer for all. The congregational choir then provided some inspiring music. Not what we're accustomed to in our services, but very uplifting and joyful and enjoyed by all. 

Rev Walker invited Seventy George Thomas to speak first and he shared testimonies of some of his missionary experiences and spoke about how God will protect us, be with us and guide us to those who need to hear about Jesus Christ, if we ask Him.

Bishop Randy Porrett spoke about the office of Bishop and shared about how God will put us in a place and a situation where we can help those in need and will provide a way for us to help, if we ask Him. 

Elder Bruce Vickery spoke of how God will bless us and meet our needs, and used a healing through administration testimony as an example of the possibilities, if we ask Him. All three messages were well received and fit perfectly together. 

Rev Walker shared several testimonies of how God redirected his life and called him to the ministry. His sermon detailed how isolation, (alone time/one on one time with Jesus Christ), prioritization, (learning to put God first in our lives), collaboration, (learning to work together to do God's work), organization, (allowing us to do things more efficiently) and delegation, (letting people with gifts and callings do those things God has for us to do). He called three young people forward, (2 of his congregants and one of the Restorationists) and positioning them and himself as actors, he illustrated how Jesus had delegated his disciples to obtain what food they could find to feed the multitude. They received 2 fishes and 5 loaves from a young boy and brought them to Jesus. Jesus offered them to God who multiplied them. Rev Walker noted that Jesus did not then distribute the many loaves and fishes to the multitude, but delegated his disciples to do so, teaching them to serve the people. After the multitude was fed, 12 baskets of loaves and fishes remained and the disciples were directed to give those back to the boy resulting in a wonderful increase for the boy who had given all the loaves and fishes he had. 

Following the two hour worship service there was great fellowship as members of both congregations hugged each other and visited happily with one another. 

It was agreed by all that the East Gate Restoration Branch will now arrange to host the members of the Skylight Missionary Baptist Church in Warrensburg in the not too distant future.

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