Monday, August 15, 2011

Jim & Patrick McKay's Missionary Travels in California

Yesterday, Sunday Aug. 7 we put on a presentation here in Chico, California. The Book of Mormon, a Dynamic Unfolding Model of Revelation and a Harbinger of Things To Some. The group was small, but some individuals were new faces that we hope will find a place in the restoration branch here. The message was well received. We received quite a blessing when I went to pay the funeral home director the agreed upon fee of $300, which was a discount from the normal $500 for two hours of usage, he told me there would be no charge. Is the Lord mindful of us in all of our needs? I'll let you answer. We continue to move throughout the state, meeting today with a family in the Oroville area to help strengthen what we have established over the past two summers. We rejoice in your prayerful support and ask for continued prayers for the remaining 4 weeks that are before us. We have each now preached twice in the Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonites). We look forward to eventually working our way back to Southern California. We still need doors opened to share the Book of Mormon presentation in their churches in both Modesto and the Los Angeles areas. We have had a door open in the Rancho Cucamonga area of the Community of Christ, that will allow us to give this presentation in their congregation.

Exciting News!

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