Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Missionary trips

Seventies Bill Leutzinger and Steve De Vera will be traveling to Maine to bring ministry for several weeks.

Seventies Patrick and Jim Mckay will travel to California for 6 weeks.

Elders Micah and Jonah Bates are traveling to Chile.

Seventies Elias Martinez (From Mexico) and Gary Metzger will travel to Peru / Brazil.

Please keep them and all other missionaries in your prayers this summer.


  1. There are a group of us in the republic of Panama that have now read the Book of Mormon and want to be baptized.
    We want to speak with you so we can make this a reality.
    I am so exicited to know that your Church does exist because where we live there are only Mormons missionaries from Utah and there is no RLDS Church around the area at all.

    I was given a book of Mormon from the Utah Church missionaries, however after much research and prayer I have received a testimony that Lucy Mack Smith was right Brigham Young is a false prophet.

  2. John, please provide contact information to and I will be sure that someone contacts you.

  3. okay thank you you can contact me on

  4. I have forwarded your longer post and email address to the Seventy President of Presidents and Quorum President and you should be contacted shortly. Webmaster.

  5. What happened to the Work in Argentina? Is there not among you who will demand an explanation from Gary Metzger? Is Argentina the private property of Gary Metzger? That sad!