Monday, August 15, 2011

Ron Smith in the Northwest

I returned from Cameroon after a four-day wait in Douala for a plane. After a couple weeks at home in Lamoni, I flew to the Northwest. I preached at the Salem, Oregon branch yesterday (Sunday) morning. In the afternoon, I accompanied several of the Saints on a wonderful picnic at the Silver Falls State Park to the south of Silverton. As we were walking back to our cars, we met a large Ukrainian family singing Christian songs such as "Our God is an awesome God" in Russian. We joined them and had a super time singing in our respective languages songs of praise to the Lord. It turned out that three of the principal members of the group work in the same Walmart as the pastors mother, and they know each other! In the evening, many of the members gathered to hear testimonies of the Lord's work in these days. George and Jeanette Thomas were there, and we had a wonderful time sharing for a couple of hours. Tomorrow (Tuesday) the Vancouver Reunion begins in Washington, and I will be going there to share in campfires and any way that I can. I am looking forward to George and Jeanette being there too.

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