Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seventies Declare Book of Mormon Divinity and Prophetic Message

Saturday evening, August 20, Seventies Jim and Patrick McKay shared the divine nature of the Book of Mormon through personal testimony and a powerpoint presentation on "The Book of Mormon, A Dynamic Unfolding Model of Revelation and a Harbinger of Things to Come."  The Lord opened the door for the use of the Upland California, Community of Christ building to share this message.  Nine member of the Community of Christ attended, and by their own testimony, they had not heard a message of this nature in many many years.  Aso attending and lending support were brother and sister Essary.  Sunday morning we ministered in the Long Beach Restoration Branch.  A small gathering, with some member away for the week end.  We spoke of the promise to the seed of Joseph Smith and the fulfillment to the work that is just before us as well as sharing in testimony of the manifestations of the spirit that are accompanying the work in Africa and Cuba. We shared in an afternoon of fellowship and would ask the saints to remember this small group as they strive to remain faithful and seek the guidance and direction of the Lord.

We continue to press the work forward as we travel and share with scattered, isolated saints and those that would be saints.  We have re-engaged one saint in the work and have made a second visit to support, encourage and witness to the non-member spouse.  There are 3 others that we believe in time will enter the waters of baptism, so we are encouraged that as we all go forth in the name of Jesus to build up His Kingdom, signs and wonders will follow is servants.

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