Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Several Seventy Minister in Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky

Seventy George Mefferd and his companion, Sr. Annece traveled to Depauw, IN where they visited in the homes of the saints and on Sunday morning Bro. George shared the news of the recent missionary trip to India, (Seventy Steve DeVera, Seventy Bill Leutzinger and Seventy Ananda Rao), during the Sunday School hour and brought the sermon for the morning worship service and shared some church literature with those in attendance. A gentleman present during the days worship and study activities requested baptism and Seventy Greg Thomas is following up on this.

They traveled from Depauw, IN to Franklin, TN, and met Seventy Steve DeVera, Seventy Bill Leutzinger, Seventy Greg Thomas and his family and High Priest Sherman Phipps where they brought ministry and teaching to Restoration saints and some COC saints who have made the decision to join the Restoration. Seventy Greg Thomas and his family have been giving ministry in the Franklin area for some time now.

Leaving Franklin, TN, Bro. George and Sr. Annece traveled to Booneville, KY where they met and ministered to several members and non-members for several days. Ministry in Booneville included a sacrament service, preaching and teaching.

Bro. George and Sr. Annece traveled 1,857 miles on this missionary trip. Before departing on this trip, Bro. George preached at Saints Haven Restoration Branch and participated in the ordination of Bro. Vance Kellinger to the office of Elder and after returning home, he preached at Devon Park Restoration Branch.

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