Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Saints Thoughts on the Book of Mormon Festival

The saints in and around the Centerplace were blessed this past weekend to be able to sit in comfort and learn more about the special book that is the very keystone of our religion, The Book of Mormon.

 I cannot imagine the work that must have gone into putting an event of this kind together. Gods servants from diverse groups, worked together, so those of us who attended might be able to learn more about various aspects of the book. For approximately fourteen hours last weekend we were able to put our differences aside and become one. This was another one of the very important blessings of the weekend.

What a joy it was to sit together once again, with brothers and sisters we no longer  worship with on a regular basis, and hear the men who had agreed to be part of this historic weekend. I say historic because we were blessed to hear from a representative of the Remnant Church (Fred Larsen), the Community of Christ (Richard Rupe), the Temple Lot Church (Peter Gould) as well as men from the Restoration Branch Movement. Elder Lyle Smith (Oak Grove), Seventy Neil Simmons( Zarahemla), Seventy Aric Turner( Dallas RB) and  Patrick McKay also from Zarahemla. Subjects included, The Book of Mormon, A Dynamic Unfolding Model of Revelation and a Harbinger of Things to Come, The Restoration of The House of Israel,   The Curse,   An Account of These Ancient Inhabitants,  Why I Believe in The Book of Mormon,  The Allegory of The Olive Tree and Book of Mormon Geography.

Seventy Jim McKay presided over the weekend gathering,  making announcements, acting as the bridge between presenters and keeping things moving along.  We were blessed with special music as well as great hymn singing.  Lunch was served on the premises, which enabled us to share in special fellowship with our brothers and sisters.

Personally I would not have missed this event for anything. It was enlightening and brought a new appreciation for the Book of Mormon. We are so blessed to be the people who have this second witness to share with the world. 

The turnout was smaller then anticipated but folks who came,  wanting to be fed, were fed. It was a wonderful weekend. Interestingly, I have had a number of requests for DVD's of the weekend, from folks who really don't support us.
 I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Seventies Patrick and  Jim for all the  work they did. God bless you both.
Joy Muir

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