Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Book of Mormon Event at Graceland University

We had a wonderful Book of Mormon event last night (Sunday, Sept 19).  The MacLean family from Independence, MO started us off with wonderful singing. JulieAnn Smith (Graceland Book of Mormon Club) gave a welcome.  Les Gardner led the service.  Seventy Ron Smith and Faye Shaw teamed up for a scripture and slide presentation, Jesus Christ IS the Book of Mormon Message.   There were three powerful testimonies of the Book of Mormon from Nick Hartwig (Lamoni Community of Christ), High Priest Sherman Phipps (Mt Ayr Restoration Branch), and Bishop James Bair (Osceola Latter-day Saints).  Richard Jackel did a dramatic presentation of Moroni.  A quintet from the Lamoni Community of Christ sang, and Jack Ergo accompanied the singing of a number of hymns, one of which was written by Francis Ackland.  The spirit of the Lord was there in power. There were 170 present. 

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