Thursday, December 31, 2015

Seventy George Thomas in the Northwestern U.S.

Seventy George Thomas traveled through Colorado, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon in July and August of 2015. He had two major goals for this trip. He was searching for scattered saints to whom he could minister. He was also desiring a way to make contacts with various first nation peoples in the northwestern United States.
He started the journey with his wife, Jeanette. She accompanied him for the first three weeks. When Jeanette flew home, Elder Glenn Vreeland joined George for the remainder of the trip.

Brother and Sister Thomas ministered on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota where they had some opportunity to witness of Christ. In Montana, contact was made with a member of the Flathead nation who was seeking a witness of Jesus Christ. Brother Thomas was able to share with him and left contact information for follow up.
He reported that several areas in Colorado and Montana where Saints had previously lived, were now dead or had moved on. He and Brother Vreeland we able to visit with several of the Saints in Idaho, but they are widely scattered.

While staying at a state park, Brother Thomas reported this event,
A sixteen year old young man had accompanied his aunt to camp and fish for a few days. The trout were large and plentiful. I went to the dock the first night to just visit with the young man. I could tell by his body language that he was not happy being there. I talked to him about Jesus and we had prayer together. The next morning early he was down fishing alone. Once again we talked about Jesus. The young man was from a broken home and was really not wanted by his mom or dad. Religion was not a part of his life. Soon it was time for him to help his aunt break camp and prepare to drive back to Washington. We had prayer and I encouraged him to find a bible based church and begin his walk with Jesus Christ. He thanked me and said he felt we were guided to meet.

The trip ended with a return to the Pine Ridge Reservation. The pair of ministers were able to teach some classes and encourage the Saints.

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