Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Seventy Dave Drummond Camp Ministry & Lord's Counsel

Seventy Dave Drummond has been very busy this summer ministering at several camps.  He was camp pastor at Seventy Reunion, then preached, presided, and taught the adult class at both the Main Reunion and Independence District Reunion.  

While at the Maine Reunion Br. Drummond received counsel from the Lord; and, although it was primarily given to the Saints attending the Maine reunion, he understood it to also be for all the Saints, so it is shared herein.  Following is the counsel,

"To those of my people who have gathered here at this place.  Hear the voice of the Lord to you.

I am not well pleased with the condition of the church.  Many of my priesthood fail to lead with a purity of heart, as becoming my Holy Servants.  Many murmur of the things of the earth, and small perceived slights.  Judge not others who seek to serve, lest you be judged with the same judgment.  

You have covenanted with me to serve the people.  If you will love and serve, even as I have loved, you will receive of my power to restore many who have been lost to me, and many who have not received the fullness of my gospel, will hear and obey.  Great will be your joy.

To the people of my church.  I say look up and live.  The Kingdom is yours.  Faint not, neither fall to the wayside of discouragement.  Lo the time of the fulfillment of my word draws nigh.  Place your trust in me, not in the arm of flesh.  Keep my commandments and fear not.  My wrath will fall upon the wicked.  But remember my promise is sure to all that obey."

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