Monday, August 6, 2012

Ron Smith's Kenya trip winds down.

First, let me apologize for my misspellings in my previous post.  Mishael Onyiego (aka Michael) lives in Nyabagege.  We had a wonderful time with he and his new bride, Scovia.  I found out what "missionary work" meant from Michael the day we walked around the area praying in many of the homes.  We had had classes in the morning, and several hours of visiting.  It was getting dark, and there were still a couple of stops to make.  As we started up a narrow cow path along yet another plowed field of maize toward the hut up the hill, Michael said to me, "Now you know what they mean by missionary work!"
 I also discovered what it means to be a "muzee".  I already was aware that it is a Kiswahili word meaning "old man."  We had talked about how Eric and I were both getting to the point in life where we were getting forgetful. I found that quite often I was being referred to as "muzee".  So I asked Duke, a priest who had spent a few days with us, how old one had to be to considered an official muzee?  He replied that they give you a test to see if you qualify.  I told him that I don't recall ever taking such a test.  He assured me that I had just officially qualified!
We have covered a lot of ground since then.  We were blessed to be in Migori, in the home of Hulda Simba. We held classes and confirmed several in Kehancha, on the Kenya/Tanzania border. We also held scripture classes and prayed in many homes in Kehezron, Oyugis, Ringa, and Kisumu. The Lord has been with us.  I am especially grateful that I have not been plagued this trip with the itchy welts that have accompanied every other trip that I have made to Africa!
I wish that I had time to write all the blessings that He has given, but we have not had ready access to the internet.  We are now nearing the end of our journey.  We will go to the airport tonight to welcome Brian Herren and Travis, who are coming in for the priesthood retreat this next weekend.  I will be going home on Wednesday morning.

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