Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Randy Vick Africa Ministry Update

May 15th to 29th Liberia
May 30th to June 7th Burundi
June 7th to June 15th Kenya

Pan African Elders Conference June 8 - 13, Kisumu, Kenya.

I have visited both branches here in Monrovia, (Soul Clinic and Pipeline), but haven't been able to get to the mission in Virginia. Will depart in the next day or two for Sinoe County where we have 8 branches and two missions. Hope to be there a week. On the return from Sinoe will visit the Buchanan Branch and the orphanage. Zoewulum Branch in River Cess County and Gardours Town Branch in southeast Grand Bassa county are hoped for, but up in the air at this point.

That's the short and sweet of it. Heat is a killer and the living conditions are sparse, but doable. Bucket bath morning and night and one meal a day of rice/beans/fish or chicken. The heat and the meal regimen can only work wonders on this old physique. Sr. Sarah (Gardee) is a good cook as are most Liberian women, so the food is always very tasty. Will get some bush meat in Sinoe County, but thats always been good too.

Please remember my family in your prayers, the Lord is attending us here in Liberia. Your brother and servant, Randy

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