Saturday, December 5, 2009

Seventy James McKay's Wife Passing

On December 3, 2009 Seventy James McKay tragically lost his new bride, of less than two months, in an automobile accident.  The Seventy share with Jim in his loss and grief, and ask that he and his family be held up in your prayers.

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    The Book of Mormon is the “Keystone of Our Religion” as stated by the Latter Day prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. Each body professes to be the continuation of the Restored Church, yet none has completed the divine commission of erecting the Temple on the chosen spot of ground, building the Holy City, and gathering the lost tribes of Israel, as defined by the very book we hold in common. Dialogue, debate, and legislation will not unify all believers of the Book of Mormon into one organization. Only the manifestation of His Spirit can unify the true believers of the Book of Mormon to fulfill the Restoration’s divine task. The differences that exist between each of these churches are significant or we would all be in the same organization. But what do we share in common? The Book of Mormon. Let us rally around this standard as we assess the perilous circumstances we are facing today.

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